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Hosting 3CX PBX Phone System in Amazon AWS

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Hosting 3CX PBX Phone System in Amazon AWS


Step 1 - Get your Amazon AWS account

Step 2 - Create Amazon User and Key Pair

Step 3 - Take the PBX Express

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Easily host and manage 3CX in your own Amazon AWS account, managing all your servers from one account and leveraging your Amazon knowledge to stay in full control of your 3CX install. This guide explains how to get a free Amazon account and use it to setup an instance with a 3CX hosted PBX using PBX Express.

Step 1 - Get your Amazon AWS Account

If you don’t have an Amazon account yet, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Amazon AWS page and complete the registration process.
  2. Part of the procedure involves receiving a call from Amazon to enter a one time PIN.
  3. Once you have registered, log on to the AWS console here.

Step 2 - Create Amazon User and Key Pair

  1. Once logged on to the AWS console, search for “IAM” in the top search box and select the “IAM - Manage User Access and Encryption Keys” option.

  1. In the Identity and Access Management page, click the “Users” link.

  1. Once in the Users page, click “Add User” to add a new user to the system.

  1. Enter a user name, select “Programmatic access” and click “Next”.

  1. Select “Attach existing policies directly”. From the filter policy type search for “ec2”, select “AmazonEC2FullAccess” and then click “Next”.

  1. Enter optional IAM tags, review the details you have entered and when ready, click “Create User”.

  1. A confirmation is given that the account has been created. Take note of the Access Key ID and Secret Access Key, as this information is shown once. It is recommended to click on “Download .csv” to get a copy of your credentials for safekeeping.

  1. Click on EC2 Dashboard and on the top right corner, select a location where you plan to create this machine. In this example we choose Ireland, which redirects you to the Irish Data Center.

  1. A Key Pair is required. Click on Key Pairs and then “Create Key Pair”.
  2. Enter a Key pair name, for example “techsupport”, and click “Create” to download the certificate file, in this example named “techsupport.pem”. Keep this file safe as it cannot be downloaded again.  
  3. Visit the marketplace page for Debian 9 Stretch here.

  1. Click “Accept Terms” to deploy Debian 9 instances.
  2. You have successfully completed all the prerequisites required from Amazon and you can now proceed to the PBX Express.

Step 3 - Take the PBX Express

Now it’s time to take the PBX Express and have a fully working PBX in just 5 simple steps:

  1. Fill in the trial / free license key form here and confirm your email to receive the link to the PBX Express. Click on the link to take the PBX Express to setup and configure your hosted 3CX PBX in your Amazon account.
  2. Authenticate with your Amazon account in the same browser window.

  1. In step 5, specify Amazon and enter the created user’s “Access Key ID” and the corresponding “Secret Access Key”.
  2. Select the location where you created your Key Pair. To understand which Amazon location to choose click here. In our example, Ireland is mapped to “eu-west 1”. Select the key pair and machine type to finish the PBX Express and setup your hosted 3CX PBX in your Amazon Account!
  3. After PBX Express is finished you can go to Instances and verify your 3CX PBX machine.

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