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Creating a Cloud PBX Instance on an Openstack VPS provider

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Creating a Cloud PBX Instance on an Openstack VPS provider


Creating an OpenStack Hosting Account

Preparing your OpenStack cloud for PBX Express

Deploy PBX Express on your OpenStack Cloud


Do you have a hosting provider which uses Openstack but is not listed in the PBX Express list of hosting providers?

Well now you can create instances on your own Cloud provider, providing they use Openstack. Openstack is the most popular infrastructure software, sponsored by 3CX and used by leading providers to provide VPS instances to customers. It has a standard API that 3CX supports as well as a standard interface, called Horizon, that you can use to manage and monitor your instances.

For this you will need:

  • A hosting provider which is Openstack API Compliant. Check here for more info.
  • An account with your provider + billing details
  • The Cloud provider Openstack API URL
  • The username and password for your account.

We took an example with one of the many openstack compliant hosters named Dreamhost.

Creating an OpenStack Hosting Account

Step 1 - Visit and navigate from Hosting & Servers to “Cloud”.

Click on the “Get started with DreamCompute” in the new page that will open.

Step 2 - Fill in the form details with your email address and your password. You must specify a separate password for the Compute API which PBX Express will use to speak to your OpenStack installation on Dreamhost. Other providers for example, will also ask for this information to connect to the OpenStack API.

Step 3 - Once you have filled in the form, you will receive a signup email containing information on how to proceed with opening your account. This can include sending the hosting provider photocopies of your ID and the card used for payment during the signup process. Send this information to DreamHost for your account to be verified.

Preparing your OpenStack cloud for PBX Express

Step 4 - Once your account has been verified, navigate to the DreamCompute panel and from the far left menu navigate to Cloud Services and then click DreamCompute.

Step 5 - Here you will save the Tenant ID and Username. Keep these handy as you will need them to deploy your 3CX PBX Express instance. Then click on the “View Dashboard” button.

Step 6 - Once in the Dashboard, navigate to “Access & Security” and then to the “API Access” page. From this page, take a note of the URL mentioned in the “Identity” row. This URL is how 3CX PBX Express will know how to contact your OpenStack cloud.

Step 7 - Navigate to the “Key Pairs” tab in the “Access & Security” section. Click on the “Create Key Pair” button.

Step 8 - In the new window, enter a friendly name for your key pair. Then click “Create Key Pair”. Your keys will be created and an automatic download of the private key will begin.

Deploy PBX Express on your OpenStack Cloud

Step 9 - You now have everything that you need to complete your PBX Express instance deployment. Visit and begin the setup wizard.

Step 10 - During the PBX Express wizard, you will be asked hosting provider information so that PBX Express is able to setup your instance. The settings necessary for DreamHost are:

  • Account Owner: My Own Account
  • Select Hosting: VPS cloud provider (OpenStack API compliant)
  • Cloud Provider API URL: (The Identity URL from Step 6)
  • Username: Username from Step 5
  • Password: Tenant ID from Step 5
    Once you have entered this information, click Next.

Step 11 - In the next screen, if you’re not sure what you should select, simply click Next. Advanced users can apply customizations to the instance such as location, size (hardware) and which SSH key pairs to apply to the instance. The Disk Image selected should always be Debian-8. Once done, click “Next” to enter your personal details and then click finish.

You should expect your PBX Express instance shortly with a mail confirmation that it is ready for use.

Free for up to 1 year! Select preferred deployment:


for Linux on a $200 appliance or as a VM

Get the ISO


for Windows as a VM

Download the setup file

On the cloud

In your Google, Amazon, Azure account

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