Choose your PBX Cloud Provider – Hosted in YOUR account

3CX gives you complete freedom of choice as to where to host your cloud PBX, allowing you to always be in complete control of your data. Setup and configuration is ever so easy with the PBX Express tool.

All you need to do is choose which cloud provider you want to use (if you’re not already using one), read the guide and run the PBX Express tool.

Use Google Cloud to host your 3CX PBX Host your 3CX PBX on Microsoft Azure Host 3CX PBX with OVH
One of the easiest cloud providers to setup and use. You also get $300 free credit.
How to Guide.
Somewhat more difficult to setup, recommended for existing Amazon users only. How To Guide. A straightforward, easy to use and setup cloud provider. Azure gives users $200 free credit. How To Guide. 3CX can be hosted on any Openstack compatible hoster. See the example guide for OVH.

Zero admin, bulletproof security, slashed monthly telco bills and a complete UC suite are just some of the benefits you will experience with 3CX.

Are you ready to board the PBX Express? You can try it for free for unlimited users.

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