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Connect to Your OVH Instance Using Putty

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Connect to your OVH Instance using Putty


Getting Started


In the previous document Creating an OVH account, we created an SSH key pair and a PEM file was downloaded. This is needed so you can connect to the instance using SSH without entering credentials. You will need 2 applications to do this. Puttygen and Putty.

Getting Started

  1. Download puttygen.exe to your Windows host.

  1. Launch putty and press Load”. Set browse filter to “All Files (.*)” and select the key pair file you downloaded earlier from the OVH Openstack Horizon portal (example xyz.pem)

  1. Once the pem file is successfully loaded click on Save private key and save it as ppk file on your host.

  1. Now open putty.exe - Connection - SSH - Auth and Browse… to the just created file.

  1. Once loaded switch back to Session enter the public IP of the created VPS and connect.

  1. When prompted for a username, enter debian. This is the standard username for OVH Instances.

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