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Firebase Cloud Messaging for the 3CX Client for Android

Firebase Cloud Messaging for the 3CX Client for Android


Creating a Firebase Project

3CX pre-configures Firebase for you using its own Google account. You only need to follow the below procedure if you wish to channel push messaging via your own Google account.

This document applies to 3CX V15.5. V15 users must follow this procedure.


Google are retiring their Google Cloud Messaging service and are replacing it with Firebase. This is the new way for Play store application developers to implement PUSH. PUSH notifications are used to “wake up” the 3CX Client on incoming calls and chats thus conserving battery life. Latest released Android OS apps will only work with Firebase.

V14 users will keep on working with GCM for the time being, but newer Android versions will not support push used by v14. Furthermore Google can retire this service at any time - affecting all Android phones.

Creating a Firebase Project  

1. Login to your Gmail Account and go to Click on Create New Project. Enter a project name, select your country/region and press “Create Project”.

2. Navigate to Settings and click Overview > Project settings where you will be taken to your Project’s General Settings.

3.  Click on the Cloud Messaging tab, and you will see Server key and Sender ID.

4. Login to the 3CX Management console > Settings > 3CX Client and copy Server key and sender ID here. Press OK to save changes.

Send a welcome email to all users to force a reprovisioning with the new Firebase details to the Clients. Settings will be updated upon the next client launch from each client. The 3CX client will be reprovisioned automatically and the new settings will be applied.

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