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Group Voicemail

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With 3CX you can deliver voice mail messages to a group of extensions in Ring Groups or Queues. Wherever the forwarding rule “Forward to extension’s Voicemail” is available, queues and ring groups will be listed.

The voice mail will be sent via email (including attachment) to each user of the group selected as long as the extension has an email address configured within its settings.

Sample Workflow

Create a ring group or a queue with X amount of users, for this example:

  • ext 100 (
  • ext 200 (

and assume that this ring group or queues’ internal extension number is 806.

After saving, this ring group or queue appears in every option where the  option “Voice Mail Box” is selectable. Those can be found in:

  • Digital Receptionist (Transfer to Voicemail)

  • Ring Groups

  • Queues

  • Extensions

  • *4{extension number of group}
    It is possible to address the voicemail of a group directly by dialing *4 followed by the group’s extension number.

It is not required to create dedicated Ring Groups / Queues to act as group voice mail. They still remain functional while being used to distribute Vbox messages to a group of extensions.

Info: In case the group voice mail box is managed by a queue, agents and queue managers (which might or might not be part of the agents of the queue) will be included for voice mail delivery.


If a group voice mail is triggered the default system prompt and current default active language of 3CX is payed to the caller. However, if the group voice mail is a queue, the current active prompt set of the queue will take precedence and the language of it will be used.

MWI is not triggered for IP phones and those messages are not shown in the 3CX Web Client or any of the 3CX Apps. Additionally, extension setting for Voicemail delivery is overridden by the default workflow of group voice mails to:

  1. Record Voicemail
  2. Send it via eMail to participants
  3. Delete Voicemail from system after delivery

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