Installing 3CX Hotel Module
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Installing 3CX Hotel Module

Installing 3CX Hotel Module

Deployment Considerations

Prior to deploying the 3CX Hotel Module, you must install 3CX Phone System and configure it as per the documentation. Keep the following points in mind:

  • Have the extension numbers match your hotel room numbers. This makes it intuitive for guests to dial other room numbers, as well as for hotel staff to identify room phones. 3CX Phone System can be deployed with 2,3,4 or 5 digit length extensions so it should be possible to match any hotel room number.
  • If you are replacing an old phone system and want to keep certain numbers such as room service or reception, keep this in mind when assigning extension numbers.
  • It might be advisable to block access to the 3CXPhone. In this case, disable access to the 3CXPhone from the 3CX Management Console > “Extensions” > “Edit Extension” > “3CXPhone” > Check “Disallow use of 3CXPhone”.

System Requirements

The 3CX Hotel module requires 3CX Phone System v14.

Installing the Software

To install the 3CX Hotel module:

  1. Download the latest 3CX Hotel Module from:
  2. Run the 3CX Hotel Module setup on the 3CX Phone System computer. The 3CX Hotel Module must be installed on the same machine as 3CX Phone System.
  3. Follow the setup Wizard.
  4. You will be prompted to enter a username and password for the 3CX Hotel Management Console. This console will be used by the receptionists of the hotel. It’s a shared login, and does not provide administrative access to the system.
  5. Click “Finish” to complete installation.
  6. The 3CX Hotel Management Console will automatically launch. Login with the credentials specified during the setup.
  7. You will see a notification dialog to activate the license and configure a Wake-Up Digital Receptionist.

Note: If you installed the 3CX Hotel Module on an existing 3CX Phone System installation, you need to “Check-OUT” and “Check-IN” the existing extensions in order to reset any cost counters, voicemails and settings associated with the extensions. All Call Details will be removed for those extensions.

Activating the 3CX Hotel Module

To activate your license.

  1. Launch the 3CX Hotel Management Console from the start menu program group that has been created.
  2. Activate your license by going to “File” > “Activate License”.
  3. Enter your License Key, and Customer details. This information will be sent to our license key server and your license key and installation will be activated.
  4. Depending on your license key, the product will activate with or without PMS integration. 3CXH stands for the hotel module without PMS integration and 3CXHPMS indicates that the license has PMS integration.

Creating a Wake Up Call Digital Receptionist

This Digital Receptionist (DR) is used to perform Wake-Up calls. To configure a DR:

  1. From the 3CX Phone System Management Console go to > “Digital Receptionist” > Select “Add Digital Receptionist”.
  2. Configure a name for this Digital Receptionist. For example: Wake-Up IVR.


  1. Record an audio prompt that says, for example, “Dear Guest, This is your wake up call”. For information on how to record sound files, see the 3CX Phone System manual. You can also use the “Record on Phone” button to quickly record an audio prompt using an extension. In this example we will name the file WakeUpCallPrompt.wav.
  2. Click “Add”, and specify the file that you just recorded. No further options are necessary - click “OK” to save the digital receptionist.
  3. Go to the 3CX Hotel Management Console > “File” > “Configuration” > “Wake-Up Call Configuration” section, and select the “Wake-up Digital Receptionist” you just created. Click “OK” to save.


Automatic Wake Up Service Extension

A wake up call can also be created by the guest of the room without the intervention of the receptionist.


  1. Go to “File” > “Configuration” > “Wake-Up Guest IVR Extension” and enter a free extension number. In this case we will use extension number 500. Note: It is important that if your 3CX Phone System is a 3-digit PBX, then the wake up call extension should also be 3 digits long.
  2. Select the extension where the wake up call will be forwarded in case the guest does not answer.
  3. Enable the option to send email notifications in case a wake up call fails to be answered, and configure the available options.
  4. Press “OK” to save changes.

Following this procedure, guests can make a call to Wake Up Call Service on extension 500, and will be greeted with the Wake-Up Call Configuration Menu.

Configuring the Mini Bar Feature

3CX Hotel Module provides a mini bar feature that allows mini bar personnel to communicate the mini bar usage to the PMS system using the room’s extension:


  1. In the 3CX Management Console, create a Digital receptionist and Call it “Dial Code IVR”. This dummy DR will be used for both the Maid status and the Mini bar features. You do not need to upload a Prompt file.
  2. In the 3CX Hotel Module interface, go to “File” > “Configuration” and enable “Maid Status Code” and “Mini bar Codes”.
  3. As Digital receptionist select: “Dial Code IVR”.
  4. Configure a Dial Code, for example, *68. It must not be the same as any of the dial codes in the 3CX Phone System > “Settings” > “Advanced” > “Dial Codes” tab. For example: *44 will not work because it will try and match the dial code *4 which will take you to Voicemail and not to the Mini Bar.
  5. Specify a Media file for when the dial code is successful and unsuccessful. For example “Input confirmed” and “Input failed”. When the dial code is successfully or unsuccessfully entered, the corresponding media file will be played back.
  6. In the “Enable Mini bar Codes” section, add the Product names and Product codes.
  7. Dial Mini bar Stock orders in the following order: In this option you specify whether the Mini bar personnel dials the number of units consumed followed by the product code or whether the product code is entered first followed by the number of units.

Example: In Room 101 we need to fill the mini bar with two bottles of sparkling water (code 10) and 3 cokes (code 30). Given the configured dial code is *68, the dialled number from the extension in room 101 should look like this:

*68*2*10*3*30 – If No of Items * Code is selected.

*68*10*2*30*3 – If Code * No of Items is selected.

In both cases, the above syntax means that a Mini bar order of 2 water and 3 cokes are needed to stock up the Mini Bar for Room 101 and the charge will be added to the room’s bill.