Using the 3CX Hotel Management Console
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Using 3CX Hotel Module

Using the 3CX Hotel Management Console


The 3CX Hotel Management Console is located at: http://PBX-FQDN:5000/hotel. After you login, you will see five nodes:

  • All Rooms – All extensions created in 3CX Phone System.
  • Occupied Rooms – These are all the extensions that are checked in.
  • Empty Rooms – All extensions that represent checked out status.
  • Wake-Up Calls – All scheduled wake up calls. These show in RED.
  • Wake-Up Calls Log – Displays all wake-up calls set and if they were successful or not.

Functions Available

Checking In Guests

To check in a guest:

  1. Select the room number from “All Rooms” or “Empty Rooms” nodes and click on the “Check IN” button found on the toolbar.
  2. You will be prompted to enter the guest’s name, email address. The email can be used for voicemail notification if the guest wishes to receive their voicemail via email.
  3. Click “OK”:
  • The guest’s name will appear next to the room number.
  • The extension in the room with unblock to allow outbound calls.

Checking Out Guests

To check out a guest:

  1. Select the room number and click on the “Check OUT” button.
  2. The 3CX Hotel Module will bring up the cost of any calls made in a separate dialog. If no calls with costs were made, a dialog confirming this will pop-up.
  3. You can choose to print this dialog for inclusion with the hotel bill.
  4. Now close the call cost dialog. The extension will now be checked out:
  • The guest name will be deleted and the room moved to “Empty rooms”. 
  • All voicemail messages for that room are deleted.
  • Outbound calls on the extension are disabled.
  • Do Not Disturb status is reset.

Set to Do Not Disturb

The Do Not Disturb function will send all calls to the room to the guest voicemail. The DND status will be shown in the DND On/Off column:

  • Available – Guest will take calls.
  • Do Not Disturb – Calls will be sent to voicemail.

Note: Wake up calls override Do Not Disturb.

Scheduling a Wake Up Call

  1. Select the room number and click on “Set Wake-Up”. 

  1. Set the time and date and click “OK”.
  2. When the time of the wake-up call is reached, the extension in the guest’s room will be called, and the recorded message will be played back.

Note: The guest will be called only once.


  1. You can view a list of scheduled wake up calls at any time by clicking on the “Wake up calls” node.

Note: Currently only one wake up call per extension is allowed.

Wake-Up Calls Log

The Wake-Up Calls Log provides a log of all wake-up calls made by the Wake-Up Call feature. It displays the Room Number, the Wake-Up Date & Time and the Call Result (Failure, Success).


Block External Calls

Selecting the room and click the “Block” button in the toolbar.

Viewing the Calls Made by a Guest

Select the room and click the “View Calls” button in the toolbar. The list shows all the calls made by that extension along with associated cost. You can Print or Copy using the buttons on the toolbar.

Set Room Status by Phone

This function allows cleaners to set the status of the room via the phone. The maid status message is triggered by a call from the room in question and by entering the special feature code (the dial code set in the configuration section of the 3CX Hotel Management Console which is also used for the Mini bar codes), followed by the appropriate code to specify the status of the room.

Note: The codes are different depending on the PMS system used. 3CX PMS supports 9 Maid code states whilst Fidelio supports 6.

For example: Dialling “*682” from room 101 will trigger a maid status message to the PMS that will set the status of room 101 to clean. In this example “*68” is the special feature code (configurable) and “2” is the status code “Clean”.

The following values can be entered when the selected PMS is 3CX PMS:

  1. Maid Present
  2. Clean
  3. Not Clean
  4. Out of Service
  5. To be inspected
  6. Occupied/Clean
  7. Occupied/Not Clean
  8. Vacant/Clean
  9. Vacant/Not Clean

The following values can be entered when the selected PMS is Fidelio:

  1. Dirty/Vacant
  2. Dirty/Occupied
  3. Clean/Vacant
  4. Clean/Occupied
  5. Inspected/Vacant
  6. Inspected/Occupied  

If the code is correct, or incorrect, the corresponding media message will be played. The audio prompt files can be configured from the 3CX Hotel Management Console > “File” > “Configuration” > “Maid Status Code” Section. These are the same files used for the Minibar codes.

Mini bar Usage

The mini bar function allows mini bar personnel to forward mini bar usage to the PMS system via the phone in the guest’s room. Personnel pick up the phone in the room and dial the special dial code, followed by the appropriate item code and the amount.