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Hosting Admin Account

Available from: V15.5 SP3

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Hosting Admin Account



Backup & Restore


The hosting admin account is designed to ensure operations of cloud hosted instances on behalf of an end user.

The Hosting Admin is a new role in 3CX which requires separate login credentials and once enabled the Hosting Admin can only see the above settings within the system. Any other admin settings cannot be accessed by the Hosting Admin. This user role is needed in a hosted and managed environment, where the end user is the administrator of the PBX and has access to the 3CX Management Console. Allowing end-users access to the above settings could lead to misconfiguration between the network environment and the PBX setup resulting in a non-functional system.

Furthermore, the below settings are limited for the PBX admin:

  • Settings → Templates (removed)
  • Backup & Restore → Local Path is fixed (however if Google Gdrive or FTP is used, the admin has full path control)

The hosting provider does not need to have access to private information regarding the PBX, such as names, numbers, routing, recordings, call history and trunk details.


The hosting admin account can only be enabled during installation while using the setupconfig.xml file to provision an instance for a customer. The hoster will simply add and define the following values, included in the sample file in the main setupconfig.xml guide:








Once an instance is provisioned as such, the hosting admin profile is enabled and PBX permissions are split between the PBX admin and the Hosting Admin.

Backup & Restore

While the instance is up and running and the hosting admin role is enabled, the PBX admin can restore other backups which did not have the hosting admin option enabled, as long as they include the same license key and FQDN. In this case, the hosting admin account remains active and the admin permissions remain split (as described above).

Backups taken from a machine with Hosting Admin enabled will not contain Hosting Admin information, such as the username and password. Hosting Admin credentials are not backed up so the PBX admin cannot retrieve this information from a backup.

However, if the end user takes this backup and restores it on a fresh install, the Hosting Admin role is removed. In this case the user of the PBX will have full control of the system as if the hosting admin never existed.

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