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SIPconnect 1.1 Template for 3CX Phone System

In order to provide basic setup support for all SIPconnect 1.1 compliant VoIP providers, 3CX provides a template to help you add your provider to 3CX Phone System. Note that with this template, 3CX does not offer support for every SIPconnect 1.1 compliant VoIP provider. The template is provided for easy configuration.

Use of this template requires 3CX Phone System v12.5 and up.

Download the SIPconnect 1.1 Template

From the 3CX Management Console, navigate to the “Updates” node > “VoIP Provider Template Updates” > Check the box next to the SIPconnect template and click “Download Selected”.

Adding a SIPconnet Provider

Navigate to the “VoIP Providers” node and click “Add Provider”.

The template is located in the “Generic” Country section.

Outbound Caller ID

Note that all outbound Caller ID’s must be configured with the “+” number format AND the entered outbound caller ID MUST belong to the DID blog you own from the provider for this trunk:

For example: +498722061592, which must be set in the provider trunk and is to authenticate your outbound calls against the voip provider.

Individual numbers per extension must be set within the “Outbound Caller ID” of the extension which could be used to send a dedicated outbound DID number and can be different from the line caller id. Note that some provider will require a number to be entered which belongs to the order DID block for this trunk.

Dialed Numbers

The SIPconnect 1.1 standard also requires that the dialed number (“to” number) be send in the “+” number format. In order to ensure that all outbound calls made by PBX users are converted into this format, three outbound rules should be created:

Rule 1

Catching international calls starting with “00” and convert them into “+”.

Rule 2

Catching national calls starting with “0” and convert them into “+49” (where the country code in this example is Germany. If for example you reside in the UK adapt the conversion to +44).

Rule 3

Catch local calls and convert them to the same number string as in Rule 2.

Please ensure that you have configured the national emergency numbers for your country in the 3CX Management Console under “Settings” > “Emergency Numbers”. These numbers do NOT need to be send in the “+” format. For Europe an example would be the number 112.

The full outbound dial plan will look like the screenshot above. Note that the order that the rules are listed is very important.

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