How to Enable Active Directory / LDAP Authentication
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3CX WebMeeting – How to Enable Active Directory / LDAP Authentication

Importing Users via Active Directory / LDAP Authentication 

3CX WebMeeting allows authentication via Active Directory / LDAP. This way, your domain’s user accounts can be synced with 3CX WebMeeting. This will then allow users to login to their web meeting portals using their AD credentials. 

Firewall / Security Considerations

If 3CX WebMeeting is on a public IP and not behind a firewall (this is valid for all hosted 3CX WebMeeting accounts), you will need to configure your firewall to allow the 3CX Webmeeting server access to your Domain Controller. By default this means you must open and port forward from your firewall to your domain controller port UDP/TCP 389

For increased security we recommend you create a dedicated user account with Read Only Access to your active directory and use this user to import your AD user accounts into your 3CX WebMeeting Portal.

Configuring Authentication via Active Directory

  1. Navigate to the “Admin” page and from the left menu select “Portal”, then switch to the “AD” tab.
  2. Check “Enable authentication via Active Directory / LDAP”.
  3. Fill in your Active Directory Server address, AD Username, in the format:
  4. Fill in the Password then click “Login test” to verify that 3CX WebMeeting can successfully login to your AD server.

  1. Specify the BaseDN on which to search for users. If the field is left blank, the search is performed on the whole domain.

  1. Specify the AD server email field that 3CX WebMeeting will search. Default is "mail".
  • Note: The user's Email Field, in your active directory, must be populated with email addresses that the users will use to login to their 3CX WebMeeting portals.
  1. If needed, specify a filter to restrict your search. Follow the standard LDAP syntax.
  • For example, CN=Users,DC=test,DC=local
  1. Click “Search test” to verify that 3CX WebMeeting can successfully perform a search.

  1. Check “Create and sync users automatically” to synchronize AD users with 3CX WebMeeting.
  • Make sure to check the mapping of AD fields, and 3CX WebMeeting fields.
  • Fill in the fields under “Match between AD fields and platform fields” according to the structure of your AD server.
  • If you choose not to enable this option, the user must first be created in 3CX WebMeeting and the AD server will only be used for authentication as single sign-on (SSO).
  1. Click “Save” to save your configuration.

Note: Enabling this option will only create the user after they login to their 3CX WebMeeting portal for the first time.

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