Creating your 3CX WebMeeting Main Portal
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Bulletproof Security
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New, Intuitive Windows Client
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Scripting Interface to add your own
Improved Integrated Web Conferencing
iOS and Android apps included
Run On-Premise or in the Cloud
Google, OVH, Windows & Linux

Creating your 3CX WebMeeting Main Portal

Creating your 3CX WebMeeting Main Portal

Once the server has been installed and configured your browser will open a new tab and you will be presented with the configuration wizard.  Follow these step by step instructions to easily configure your main 3CX WebMeeting Portal.

  1. Fill in your root user email and password. Click “Next”.

  1. The next step is to configure your main portal. We recommend you create an FQDN that resolves externally, although you can enter an IP Address for testing purposes. Learn how to create an external FQDN. An FQDN is required for the following reasons:
  • Easy access to the 3CX WebMeeting Portal
  • To setup HTTPs for the secure access to your 3CX WebMeetings.
  • For the Google Chrome extensions, required by the features of 3CX WebMeeting. More about this is the next chapter.
  • Access to your 3CX WebMeetings via HTTPS without certificate errors, you must also create your own a SSL Certificate as described in the previous chapter.
  • Enter your FQDN URL or IP Address and click “Next” to continue.

  1. The SMTP server is used by the 3CX WebMeeting server to send invitations to participants and email notifications. Enter your SMTP Server address, SMTP Server user account credentials and choose your SMTP Server's security settings.

Your initial configuration now is complete. Click “Finish”.

You can click on the provided link and login to your WebMeeting server using your root user credentials.

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