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Try 3CX’s free PBX Standard licence Hosted on Google Cloud, OVH or on-premise.

Get your free PBX licence key with one-year free hosting on Google Cloud. 3CX’s free PBX licence is for unlimited extensions, includes free web conferencing participants and a full Unified Communications feature set, you can even bring your own SIP Trunk. Available on-premise on Windows or Linux or in the Cloud.

3CX has inbuilt hospitality and call center features so there’s no need to purchase any add-ons or commercial modules. You get a full, business communications solution complete with the features you need to make employees more productive and work processes more efficient.

  • Hosted by 3CX – a free PBX for one year
  • OR Self host – on YOUR cloud account
  • On-premise: on Windows or Linux

  • Zero admin – automated admin tasks
  • Most secure phone system on the market

  • WebRTC based web conferencing

  • End-user mobility: apps for Android, iOS, Windows and Mac

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The one year free offer requires that you use the PBX. If less than 5 calls are made per month on the PBX, 3CX reserves the right to remove the PBX in order to save resources. This offer is only valid for new customers. If you have downloaded 3CX in the past and already have a licence key you are not eligible to use the one year free hosting.

If you are currently running FreePBX® use our converter tool to migrate to 3CX and get your free licence key. Find out more.

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