Example Costing for a 96 Room Hotel

In this example we cost out a deployment of 3CX with hotel module for a hotel with 96 rooms. The hotel wishes to upgrade its phone system, because it lacks modern features and is expensive to maintain. Each time a change needs to be done to the system, the PBX vendor charges a hefty price. Furthermore, integration with the Property Management System is limited. The hotel staff want to see guest name when they pick up the phone so that they can address the guest appropriately. Management also wants to cut the phone bill by leveraging low cost VoIP calls.

In this example, the original phone system was installed with analog phones. No ethernet wiring is available to the rooms. In addition, the hotel does not consider it essential that guests have  IP Phones. Therefore in this example they have decided to re-use the existing analog phones with the use of FXS gateways. An existing server is available to run 3CX Phone System.

3CX can easily be deployed in this environment and inexpensively too:



4 * FXS Gateways (96 Analogue ports) $1531 $6124
10 * IP phones $45 $450
1 * PRI Gateway $898 $898
1 * 3CX Phone System Pro 16 SC $1885 $1885
1 * Maintenance $377 $377
1 * Technical support $375 $375
Installation Cost $2000 $2000
3CX Hotel Module $895 $895
Total Cost $13,004

The total cost of this installation is less than $14,000 or 12,500 euros.
As can be seen from this example, by re-using existing analog phones installing a new Hotel VoIP phone system does not need to be expensive!