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Support Procedures


3CX Support is offered for commercial installs running the latest version of 3CX or its predecessor* with the latest service pack(s) applied. Support is available via a ticketing system and phone for the duration of the partnership (Reseller) or active subscriptions (End User).

End User Support Package

Although 3CX recommends obtaining support via a 3CX Partner, we do have support packages available for customers who are unable to find a suitable partner in their area. The 3CX Support package is suitable for assisting internal IT-technical personnel to maintain 3CX installations themselves. Networking knowledge is required!

Before Contacting Support

Exhaust all publicly available help prior to requesting support:

What is Included

  • Help on configuring 3CX and questions in relation to its operation based on the Admin Guide while using supported Hardware or Virtualization platforms
  • Help with configuration of supported endpoints with the defined functionality within.
    1. IP Phone Documentation
    2. VoIP Provider Configuration
    3. PSTN Gateways Setup
  • Analysis of SIP logs in case of interoperability issues
    (Only for supported VoIP providers, IP Phones or Gateways)
  • In the case of unsupported VoIP Providers, a check will be performed if 3CX is correctly set up. If an unsupported VoIP Provider is being used, setup, debugging or general questions in regards to the VoIP Provider can not be answered
  • Analysis of Tunneled and Bridge connection to 3CX excluding network routing and firewall configuration

Remote Sessions will be offered by the case managing agent on his/her own discretion and can not be requested. For remote sessions Teamviewer 12 or 3CX’s own web conferencing platform will solely be used. During the support case logs and traces (Wireshark in case of audio issues) may be requested in order to be able to assist. Those must be collected or generated by the requestor based on provided instructions.

What is Not Included

  • Remote installation of 3CX and device provisioning.
  • Support for unsupported SIP Phones, Headsets or Gateways.
  • Support for IP Phones that are not configured using the 3CX Provisioning templates and/or not running the advised firmware.
  • Support for VoIP Gateways that are not configured using the 3CX Provisioning templates and/or not running the advised firmware.
  • Help in configuring your firewall or network routing.
  • Configuration of options in phones beyond the provisioned templates.
  • Troubleshooting unsupported VoIP Providers or performing interop tests with unsupported VoIP providers.

These items involve 3rd party products and networks outside the control of 3CX.


3CX’s SLA is set to 48 hours after ticket creation is handled within office hours and excludes weekends and international holidays. Conference calls with 3rd parties are not included. Calls can only be held between 3CX and the policyholder. 3CX will not contact any 3rd party on behalf of the policyholder.

3CX provides support in English, German, Italian, French, Russian, Greek and Spanish (subject to availability). The default support language is English and may be applied to international requests.

Sharing support contact information to external parties is not permitted and will result in the immediate termination of the support subscription.

FAQ’s in Relation to Our Support Services

  1. Why do you not provide evaluation support?
    Installation and configuration of a complete VoIP Phone System takes time, and it’s not possible for this to be done prior to purchasing the relevant support services. Keep in mind that 3CX can not be compared to a simple office package, which are easily installed and supported. 3CX is more complex, as it operates with phone hardware, VoIP providers and Gateways. This configuration support costs time and therefore can not be given free of charge.
  2. Why do you recommend particular VoIP Providers?
    We have no particular preference of VoIP Providers, however we have partnered up with leading VoIP Providers in order to ensure interoperability. These providers have undergone an interop test process and pledged support for our product as well as given us a test account in order for us to test each of our builds with their service. We encourage VoIP Providers to do interop with us, they can apply here.
  3. Why do you recommend particular IP Phones and Gateways?
    3CX invests a lot of time into making deployment and management of popular phones and gateways very easy. This involves a lot of work in terms of testing, liaising with hardware vendors, template development, ongoing testing of new firmwares and training of our testing, development and support teams.This is not possible for all vendors, therefore, we select popular vendors based on product feature sets, pricing, availability as well as the vendor’s support and willingness to work with our team.
  4. I would like to have a unsupported VoIP Provider tested by 3CX. Is that possible?
    Yes, you can commission a VoIP Provider interop test. Please note that the VoIP Provider must complete the interop form and pay $2495 for the test to be completed. The interop request can be made here.
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