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Example Phone System Deployment Sheet

Preparation is key for deployment. Having the equipment and tools ready is key for looking professional and for getting the job done. It is helpful to have a small checklist or sheet to work from to ensure everything is prepared. The below is an overview of what you should look for before going ahead with the installation. You can use it as  a sample sheet and depending on the installation you may need to add or remove from the below list.

Customer information

Basic customer information is a good starting off point. Key dates, carriers and other base-level information is helpful to keep things organized.

  • Company name and address
  • Carrier name
  • Install date
  • Server install date
  • Training date
  • Server IP address

Extension list

Especially for larger customers, a comprehensive list of extensions is important to deploying the right information. Generally, it is best to get the customer to fill this out because any errors will not be your fault.

  • Name
  • Ext
  • DID
  • Email
  • Vmail to email
  • Desk device
  • Home device
  • Softphone


Document the different types of trunks you will configure:

  • Trunk name
  • Technology
  • Channels
  • DID 800
  • Outbound order

Ring groups

Ring groups are present in almost all deployments and having accurate information is needed to keep things running smoothly. This section keeps that in order.

  • Group name
  • Group #
  • Ring strategy
  • Ring time
  • Announcement
  • CID prefix
  • Failover destination
  • Members

Call queues

Not all systems require call queues but being prepared will save you time in deployment.

  • Queue name
  • Ring strategy
  • Static agents
  • Failover
  • Wait time

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