3CX Hosted PBX Distributors – Chile



Founded in 2013, USAVOIP is an American company belongs to the Spanish group Avanzada 7 (founded in 2002 in Spain). USAVOIP provides with high value services to professional VoIP market. Based in Miami, USAVOIP has been positioned as a relating inside the telephony and communications IP in a brief period of time. In 2014 USAVOIP opened a new business center in Santiago de Chile, where customers from Southern Cone can enjoy with all the broad range of services of USAVOIP: logistic for VoIP devices delivery, onsite and remote technical support at the location time zone or local resources coordination, among other things. With an expert team of certified engineers, USAVOIP supplies its different partners with the most leading solutions in the international scene but, in parallel, also offers training in different official titles. Its main added value is the commitment to each project they work and the high quality service and equipment that use.