3CX Hosted PBX Providers – Hungary


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WhiteCORE Services Kft. was founded 2011. We are focusing on the IT network infrastructure and VoIP technology. Our company is located in Hungary, but we have clients Hungary and Croatia also. In one hand we can plan, built and install proper cable (cooper and optical) network with L2-3 switching and routing to make the base of a professional IT system, in other hand we are providing IP Telephony with 3CX on site system or remote as hosted solution. Some of our clients are satisfied with our full IP Telephony service what is including the hosting system (3CX Hosted solution), and all of the needed hardware (IP Phones, PoE switches, VPN network, IP-DECT complete infrastructure, etc…), because they only have a monthly fee and we can do all the maintenance, follow the system updates, change the phone sets, as the needs are changing, or the phones are running out of their life time. We are ready to make your company IT network and telephony system ready for the business need.