3CX Hosted PBX Providers – Netherlands


!PrioNet-EN-bw !PrioNet

Your Business VoIP Provider Connecting the globe. Together with our business-partners and resellers we provide High Quality and Innovative Telecom and Broadband Services for internationally operating businesses all over the world. We specialize in state of the art VoIP Solutions. We go beyond the point where others stop, so you can stay ahead of your competitors. As a 3CX partner since 2006 we offer the best international IP Communication Services for your business: Telephony (VoIP), SIP trunking, Hosted VoIP (3CX), Competitive Calling rates, Broadband Internet Connections, Satellite Connections, Phone numbers in/from more than 140 countries

com4 Com4 Automatisering

Com4 Automatisering is a full service ICT provider based in Eindhoven. Com4 is constantly innovating to make our customers experience the best out of our cloud platform. If you have any specific needs Com4 is fully flexible in designing this for you as long as it is possible in a secure way. Since we are a full service ICT provider we can assist you from setting up/maintaining your local network to setting up/maintaining your cloud computing network. Don’t wait, contact us today and take off as soon as possible.

F2it F2it

F2it is your partner in IT solutions. All the services we provide fit together to form a seamless IT solution for your entire IT organization. From web design to working in the cloud, from consultancy to VoIP telecommunications. The basic principle of F2it is that your company only has to call one phone number for any matter regarding your IT and telephony.

inphony_bw Inphony Communications

Inphony Communications is an independent provider of telecommunications services and products. With over 20 years of experience in the field of telecommunications business and over 10 years with Hosted VoIP services, we are uniquely able to help your business be more accessible. We also realize substantial savings on your telecom expenses. We supply our products and service mainly in The Netherlands and in Belgium.

itzz itzz

itzz is a private company based in Den Haag, The Netherlands, that provides ICT hosting and maintenance services to the SMB market. Since 2005, itzz has consistently helped our customers enabling their employees to work place and time independent. itzz is one of the first hosting providers to host 3CX from their datacenters. Networks and infrastructures have few secrets for us. Many organizations asked us to manage their network or take a critical look at the performance of their network infrastructure to see at what level optimization can be achieved. Our extensive experience comes in handy when designing IP telephony solutions. Qualifications and experience Our specialists not only have the highest qualifications but more important is the unprecedented experience in this field. As with our other ICT activities when optimizing IP telephony networks we use our slogan: “Simplified complexity”.

NuCallBW NuCall

NuCall is a dynamic and fast growing company that has developed into a leading provider of data and communication services. We believe in the power of an integrated customer approach. In NuCall you can admire all the disciplines in the field of data communication and telephony in one hand. From product development to customer service and advice to installation. In our product and service offerings, we are no less wide in scope. Whether you need a device or want to be facilitated in a broadband connection, or you are looking to create a modem installation or use of network consultancy: NuCall is your partner.

Profider Nederland B.V. Profider Nederland B.V.

Profider Nederland B.V. is a Dutch VoIP provider that delivers high quality communication services to the business market in the Netherlands. It combines infrastructure, software, IT services and people and create valuable solutions.  Profider is known for its reliable services which really make a difference to their clients businesses. The passionate team has mastered the art of listening, and uses their extensive practical experience to understand and translate their clients’ needs into perfectly matching technical solutions.


RSH enables you to host your 3CX PBX in the Cloud. Our packages are standard with all the features associated with VoIP trunk (including one telephone number).
3CX PBX is Europe’s best-performing PBX software there is. The system has won numerous awards, favorable pricing and the unprecedented number of functionalities. For each business 3CX is an interesting solution by the pricing that is based on the number of available lines, and not on the number of devices that can be connected. In addition, the 3CX PBX has a very user-friendly management system, which allows Windows users will quickly feel at home.

YourTelecom Hosted Partner in Netherlands Yourtelecom BV

Yourtelecom BV is a small, flexible VOIP provider in The Netherlands. Yourtelecom BV delivers high quality VOIP services for SMB’s. Our services include Sip trunking, 3CX on-premise PBX and hosted 3CX. With 3CX hosted Yourtelecom BV offers a low priced PBX with excellent peronal service and support.

Van den Brand IT Solutions Hosting Partner Netherlands Van den Brand IT Solutions

Van den Brand IT Solutions is a professional and a experienced ICT Service for each company. Our portfolio is very advanced. Together with suppliers and partners we build a lot of nice, Good and stable solutions for our customers. We provide Total Solutions for the company network but we also deliver Internet Connections, Voip (operator level), Cloud home and Office solutions. True our knowledge and experience inside our company we are capable to provide the customers a good en quick solutions. By Van den Brand IT Solutions you can get: 3CX On-Premise Licenses and solutions, 3CX hosted Licenses and solutions, Mobile integrations, Reseller program, National / International DID, Trunks, 3CX Support. If you have any other questions or would like to get more info about our service/Products do not hesitate to contact us.
Voizz LOGO Voizz Nederland BV

Voizz Nederland BV is a Dutch VoIP provider that delivers high quality VoIP services for SMBs in the Netherlands. Since 2008 Voizz Nederland delivers VoIP services that include SIP trunking as well as Hosted PBX. The VoIP specialists from Voizz Nederland are enthusiastic engineers who love their work and work hard for the best VoIP services possible. With 3CX hosted, Voizz Nederland delivers a first-class PBX in the cloud and on-premise for businesses based in the Netherlands and Belgium.