3CX Hosted PBX Providers – Norway


ITZI Logo ITZI Tele og Data AS

ITZI Tele og Data AS exclusively provides 3CX as an on premise and Hosted/Cloud telephony system. We have the ability to work closely with our customers. Our core foundations are VOIP / IT network infrastructure and support, We also provide on-site IT consulting services. We provide a redundant, fault tolerant environment with high levels of Quality of Service. Our Engineers manage and monitor our and our customers network and VOIP system 24/7.

logo-joyn-bw JOYN AS

JOYN AS offer a complete range of 3CX services. JOYN Cloud PBX service is built on 3CX and optimized for Norway with Norwegian system prompts and interconnection with all major Norwegian Telecom operators. Everything is delivered from our highly redundant date centers in Norway. JOYN also offer 3CX installation and support if you prefer a local 3CX PBX installation at your own premise or datacenter. Bundle your JOYN Cloud PBX service with JOYN premium voice plan and get 10.000 free minutes to fixed and mobile numbers in Norway, or “bring your own” preferred operator and voice plan. We connect your dedicated JOYN Cloud PBX (3CX) with your preferred Telecom operator. Mobile operator integration gives you features known as “one-number” and “dual call”. With dual call your cellular and 3CX voip client will seamlessly start ringing, and you answer the call where it’s most suitable at the time. With “one-number” your mobile number will always become your caller id, even when you call out from your 3CX voip client.