3CX Hosted PBX Providers – Poland



Aztek Business Presents – CloudPhoneSystem.pl. Aztek Business provides global hosting for 3CX. We are a company that provides a unique service of cloud hosted 3CX. Starting from only 95 PLN we provide the best Hosted PBX solution in Poland. Your server will be setup within 30 minutes and we are always on hand to assist with your configuration and setup.

SysTell hosted provider SysTell

We are the leader of 3CX implementations in Poland. We have completed more than 50 implementations in Poland and abroad. Users of these systems every day makes more than 1,100 simultaneous calls. As the only company in Poland we create additional software for 3CX (eg. apps for reporting and dashboard) and solutions based on 3CX VAD (Voice Application Designer). We have built a strong team of employees dedicated to the 3CX solutions. What’s more, we are the leader in Poland in providing solutions to Call and Contact Centers. We provide in our software multi-channel communication with customers (eg phone dialer, SMS, email, web forms, facebook, live chat, etc.) integrated with 3CX. Our mission is to provide useful solutions to the customer service based on communications technology for the greatest number of customers.