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3CX Technology Partners

3CX, a software-based PBX, not only replaces proprietary phone systems, it also delivers a complete Unified Communications solution as it’s an open standard software based IP PBX which can be integrated with other applications. By relying on the SIP Standard, 3CX along with its technology, hosting and 3rd party application partners delivers a future-proof, best of breed phone system.

3CX Application partners are developers of third party applications which have been specifically developed for 3CX. 3CX can also be integrated with most major CRM systems in the market such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Office 365, Salesforce, Freshdesk and more. View the complete list of integrated applications and CRMs here.

3CX can be deployed as a hosted/virtual PBX or as an on-premise server. We have partnered with leading telecommunications and IT companies that offer 3CX as an on-premise and as a hosted option on their own servers. 3CX Hosting Partners guarantee full support of 3CX for users of virtual instances. Here is a full list of 3CX Hosting Partners that offer 3CX Hosted.

3CX has always tried to provide exceptional customer support services to ensure that any issues regarding installation, management and administration will be solved on the spot. This is why 3CX has initiated new partnerships with leading support companies providing premium technical support for VoIP services. Here is a list of the 3CX Support Partners so far.

3CX has established partnerships with major technology vendors all over the globe to offer a world class phone system. With our hardware partners we aim at creating a seamless and hassle-free experience for 3CX users. Our partnerships include popular IP Phone and Gateway vendors as well as virtualization vendors. Take a look at the full list of 3CX Hardware Partners.

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