What SIP-based IP PBXs are Available?

This list shows some of the currently available SIP-based IP PBXs  in the telco sector:

  • 3CX Phone System – a cross-platform IP PBX that runs on Windows and Linux. Watch the video Why Choose 3CX Phone System. 3CX offers benefits over other vendors, such as:
    • Easy to deploy both in-house and in-cloud
    • Automation for in-cloud deployment to top-tier hosting platforms such as Google and Amazon
    • Best-of-breed phone provisioning automation
    • Robust feature-set, including:
      • IVR
      • VoiceMail
      • Queues
      • Groups
      • User-based and Group-based rights management
      • Security and Anti-Hacking
  • Asterisk – a Linux based IP PBX
  • sipX – another Linux based IP PBX
  • Elastix – Linux Based PBX
  • Brekeke PBX, and others.

A number of open-source alternatives are available, but these all suffer from:

  • hard-to-use interface
  • poor or non-existent provisioning tools
  • limited or non-existent commercial support
  • feature set NOT driven by market needs, but by the wants of the individuals that contribute the code

For a more extensive list of IP PBX software, please visit the software directory at Windows Networking.