An IP PBX or VoIP phone system replaces a traditional PBX or phone system and gives employees mobility, with a single portable extension number, the ability to hold audio and video conferences, and to call colleagues free using Voice-over-Internet-Protocol (VoIP). All calls are sent via packets over a data network instead of using the traditional phone network. With the use of a VoIP gateway, you can connect existing phone lines to the IP PBX and make and receive phone calls via a regular PSTN line. The IP PBX, SIP & VoIP FAQ helps answer common questions about VoIPSIP, IP PBX / VoIP Phone System hardware and software, implementation and more.

Some of the most common questions about SIP are answered in this IP PBX, SIP & VoIP FAQ.

Hosted / Virtual / Cloud How does Fax work with VoIP Other Protocols
Arrow What is a Hosted PBX? Arrow What is T38 fax? Arrow What is RTP?
Arrow Hosted PBX Vs On-Premise Arrow What is FoIP – Fax over IP? Arrow What is SDP?
Arrow Hosted PBX Provider – What to look for Arrow FAX Work in VoIP Environments Arrow What is H323?
Arrow A Hosted PBX for your business? Arrow What is Fax to Email? Arrow What is RTCP?


General Info (IP PBX & VoIP technology) All About SIP Features and Benefits of an IP PBX
Arrow What is a PBX Phone System? Arrow Can you List all Known SIP Responses? Arrow What is an Auto-attendant?
Arrow What is Voice over IP? Arrow What are SIP Phones? Arrow Benefits of an IP PBX VoIP Phone System?
Arrow VoIP-Defined Arrow SIP Call Session Between 2 Phones Arrow How an IP PBX / VoIP Phone System Works
Arrow Learn About VoIP Gateways Arrow What SIP-based IP PBX’s are Available? Arrow What is IVR?
Arrow VoIP Definitions Arrow What is a SIP Server? Arrow What is DID – Direct Inward Dialing?
Arrow What are IP Phones / IP Telephones? Arrow Sip Phones / VoIP Phones Types Arrow What is a Voicemail System?
Arrow What is a STUN Server? Arrow What is SIP? Arrow 10 Reasons to Switch to an IP PBX
Arrow What is ALG? Arrow What is SIP Forking? Arrow What are the Benefits of an IP PBX?
Arrow What is a VoIP Telephone? Arrow SIP Methods / Requests and Responses? Arrow What is Unified Communications?
Arrow What is a Good Source of VoIP Info? Arrow What are SIP Trunks? Arrow What is Voicemail to Email?
Arrow What is IP Telephony? Arrow What is a SIP-URI? Arrow What are BLF Function Keys?
Arrow 3CX’s Unified Communications features


Other Functionalities Legacy Technology (ISDN)
Arrow What is ECHO Cancellation? Arrow What Do FXS and FXO Mean?
Arrow What Does ENUM Mean? Arrow What is a TDM PBX?
Arrow Different Types of CODECS?


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