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An Example of SIP Call Session Between Two Phones

SIP call between two phones

A SIP call session between two phones is established as follows:

  1. The calling phone sends out an INVITE.
  2. The called phone sends an information response 100 – Trying – back.
  3. When the called phone starts ringing a response 180 – Ringing – is sent back.
  4. When the caller picks up the phone, the called phone sends a response 200 – OK.
  5. The calling phone responds with ACK – acknowledgement.
  6. Now the actual conversation is transmitted as data via RTP.
  7. When the person calling hangs up, a BYE request is sent to the calling phone.
  8. The calling phone responds with a 200 – OK.

It’s as simple as that! The SIP protocol is logical and very easy to understand.

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