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Click to Call extensions for Firefox and Chrome

Click to Call with 3CX’s Firefox & Chrome Extensions

Save time and enjoy fully integrated communications with the 3CX Click to Call extension for Chrome and Firefox. The plugin enables you to make phone calls directly from your CRM or browser with the 3CX Web Client.

With just a single click of the mouse, make outbound calls to phone numbers found on web pages, emails and contact lists. The click to call functionality automatically dials the number in your client, ready for you to make the call.

Click2Call From Any CRM

3CX’s Click to Call extension instantly identifies the telephone numbers that appear on browsers and CRMs, and identifies numbers with country codes as well for those looking to call abroad. Users making countless calls every day will save a significant amount of time by simply clicking on the number to automatically make the call, without having to dial or copy and paste.

  • Automate tedious and time-consuming workflow processes for staff

  • Boost productivity and increase sales team efficiency and customer satisfaction

  • Works seamlessly with the 3CX Web Client

3CX's Click to Call extension detects telephone numbers instantly
Update the exception list of the Click to Call extension

Communication Made Easy

The extension automatically identifies phone numbers on the screen and can be configured to exclude specific pages as well as filter out local numbers. Click to Call features include the ability for users to set parameters such as “Minimum Number Length” to prevent the extension from detecting digits which are not phone numbers.

  • Phone number detection – Detect international or all phone numbers
  • Exceptions – Add websites and pages to exclude from searching

  • Highlighted contacts – Numbers are identified and underlined

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