Use 3CX Phone System for Windows as a Low Cost Fax Server!

Forget the frustrations of manual faxing and integrate your fax and voice communications with 3CX Phone System for Windows!

3CX Phone System is an IP PBX that includes a T38 compatible fax server which allows you to receive faxes via a VoIP (voice over IP) network. Businesses looking to evolve their communications can enjoy the many benefits of IP Telephony with 3CX Phone System for Windows and at the same time forget about the cost of using a fax machine or the headaches of installing special drivers for a traditional fax server.

The benefits of using 3CX Phone System for Windows as a fax server are:

  • Do not waste time leaving your desk and walking to the fax machine room
  • No need to wait for the faxes to go through
  • No need for printouts unless necessary – inbound and outbound emails are saved in digital format
  • No need to spend your budget on buying and maintaining a fax machine
  • No need to install the drivers that many traditional fax servers require – 3CX uses the VoIP Gateway instead
  • No need for extra telephone lines – the same lines used for your voice communications are used by 3CX to receive faxes (and send using a 3rd party fax driver)

Read more about 3CX Phone System for Windows and its key features.

Download 3CX Phone System for Windows and break free from your proprietary phone system and your old fax machine today!