Business Telephony Has Effectively Improved With 3CX’s Built-in IVR

3CX helps businesses enhance their communications with an interactive voice response system, built into 3CX Phone System for Windows.

IVR is a telephone technology that is normally a pricey addition to a phone system. Despite this, 3CX Phone System for Windows delivers it as a standard built-in feature.

With 3CX’ IVR system it is possible for pre-recorded audio files or dynamically generated TTS (text to speech) audio to explain options available to callers. The caller responds by pressing a digit, a combination of digits or by saying a short phrase.

Interactive Voice Response technology allows businesses to supply callers with around the clock information without the need of a human receptionist or agent. This allows for cost savings and improvements in customer satisfaction.

3CX Phone System for Windows’ IVR offers a complete IP Telephony solution that is scalable, feature-rich and cost-effective.

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