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Looking for the Ideal Office Phone System? Enter 3CX

Is your office phone system wearing you down? Escape outdated phone systems and move to an open standards IP PBX. You will never look back.

An office phone system like 3CX gives you access to a full suite of Unified Communications features. 3CX works with open standards which allows for greater flexibility. Most competitors lock you into their proprietary software and can charge whatever they want. Because of the way 3CX is structured you can choose the right hardware for you and cut down on expensive call costs by using 3CX with your chosen hardware. Superior features, greater manageability and more choice. That’s why so many are making the switch to 3CX.

Proprietary Systems to Break the Bank

The initial cost of proprietary systems is high and monthly fees really add up. Vendors pitch hardware at a discount and how full integration with their proprietary offering gives assurance for quality. In reality, this removes choice and means starting from scratch if you want to switch in the future.

3CX allows you to:

An Office Phone System Built for Mobility

Mobility is key for your remote workers. Need to meet up with an important client? Not a problem. With WebRTC integrated video conferencing it only takes a couple clicks to get started and have face-to-face meetings without the need to commute. And to top it all off, it’s included at no additional cost.

Our options range from:

Advantages of Using 3CX as Your Office Phone System:

Working with 3CX for your office phone system gives an easy to install and manage a system that is inexpensive to buy and, more importantly, is inexpensive to grow with. You can deploy on-premise on your own server, have it virtualized or on a mini PC appliance. It can even be deployed in the cloud with your own account.

Our best selling features:

  • Deploy anywhere: Windows or Linux, VM, MiniPC appliance
  • In the cloud: Google Cloud, Amazon Lightsail, Microsoft Azure, OVH, Amazon AWS, Openstack
  • No per extension licensing fees
  • No vendor lock-in

Want to try it out? Get your free licence to try it in the cloud. The free licence includes a licence key for unlimited users, (16 Simultaneous Calls) and 25 web conferencing participants.

Free for up to 1 year! Select preferred deployment:


for Linux on a $200 appliance or as a VM

Get the ISO


for Windows as a VM

Download the setup file

On the cloud

In your Google, Amazon, Azure account

Take the PBX Express