Break Free with a Software-Based Office Phone System for Windows

Escape from the costly, hard to manage, conventional and archaic office phone systems you have come to dread. Move to an open standard IP PBX and you will never need to change your office phone system again.

Using 3CX Phone System for Windows as your office phone system gives you the flexibility to choose the solution that is right for your organization whilst cutting down on expensive call costs3CX Phone System completely replaces your proprietary office phone system and includes superior features and greater manageability through its web-based use portal.

Investing in proprietary phones is often costly. A software-based office phone system, however, allows you to use the phones you already have, gives you the freedom to purchase phones from any vendor, as well as supporting standard SIP soft/hard phones, VoIP service providers and conventional PSTN phone lines.

Moreover, with an IP-based office phone system you can keep in touch with telecommuters working out of their home offices, as well as with branch offices worldwide.

Advantages of using 3CX Phone System for your office:

  • Eliminate phone wiring; allow hotdesking and roaming
  • Much easier to install, configure and manage than a proprietary office phone system
  • Significant cost savings using VoIP providers
  • No vendor lock in and greater scalability
  • Better customer service and productivity

3CX Phone System FREE edition is a fully functional product – it supports an unlimited number of extensions and does NOT time out. View the product brochure, or fill in your name and download it!