Looking for the Ideal Office Phone System? Enter 3CX

Is your office phone system wearing you down? Escape your outdated phone system and move to an open standards IP PBX. You will never look back.

Using an office phone system like 3CX, gives you the flexibility to choose a solution that is right for your organization whilst cutting down on expensive call costs. 3CX can give you the ideal office phone system that will completely replace your proprietary one, providing superior features and greater manageability.

Investing in proprietary office phone systems is costly, with the initial purchase cost based on per extension / user as well as the costly maintenance fees thereafter. Investing in a software-based phone system like 3CX, makes sense as the pricing is based on simultaneous calls and not per user or extension.

What’s more, 3CX allows you to use the phones you already have so you don’t need to worry about wiring; just Plug and Play with popular IP Phones, Gateways as well as hundreds of SIP Trunks, you can run it on your existing server.

Mobility is childsplay for 3CX. With native softphones for Windows and Mac, smartphone clients for iOS and Android as well as a web client, your remote workers can work on the go and never miss a call! Need to meet up with an important client? Not an issue. With WebRTC integrated video conferencing it only takes a couple of clicks of the mouse and you’re set. Face-to-face meetings without needing to commute. And to top it all off, it’s included at no additional cost.

Advantages of using 3CX as your office phone system:

  • Software-based: Easy to install and manage
  • Inexpensive to buy and expand
  • Available on Windows or Linux (Virtualized)
  • Deploy on a MiniPC as a PBX Appliance
  • Deploy in the cloud using your own cloud account
  • Plug & Play and eliminate phone wiring for good!
  • No per extension licensing fees
  • No vendor lock in.

Want to try it out? Get your Free licence or board the PBX Express to try it in the cloud. Both include a free licence key for up to 16 simultaneous calls and 25 web conferencing participants.