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No Server? Easily Create your Own 3CX PBX Appliance

Less is more! Especially if you want to create a PBX appliance running 3CX. Ideal for smaller businesses that don’t have a server for 3CX, using a Mini PC is an ideal alternative. Cost effective, easy to setup and manage without compromising on efficiency and reliability! Who said small isn’t powerful?

Why use a Mini PC as a PBX Appliance?

MiniPCs are a great, low-cost alternative for smaller offices that do not have a server available for 3CX. These pint-sized PCs are available for as little as $200 and are a reliable, cost effective alternative to PBX appliances which run on a proprietary OS​ making it difficult to manage and upgrade.

  • Available for as little as $200
  • No space requirements – ideal for small offices
  • Low power consumption – 60% less than desktop PCs
  • Minimal noise and heat production
PBX Phone System
Run 3CX on an Intel NUC MiniPC as a PBX Appliance

Which MiniPC for a PBX Appliance?

Choose a MiniPC from leading brands such as Intel NUC, Shuttle or Gigabyte BRIX. They are available worldwide, with local support and at unbeatable prices taking into account the hardware quality. They should have an intel chipset and appropriate processor depending on the size of your deployment:

How Can you Convert your MiniPC to a PBX Appliance?

The whole process is extremely fast and easy. Download the latest 3CX ISO, copy it to a USB stick and run the install – check out our step by step guide for details. Once finished, you will have a Linux PBX appliance running on a standard mainstream OS – Debian 8 – seamlessly managed by 3CX.

Choose which MiniPC to use as a PBX Appliance with 3CX