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Why use a Mini PC as a PBX Appliance?

MiniPCs are a great, low-cost alternative for smaller offices that do not have a server available for 3CX. These pint-sized PCs are available for as little as $200 and are a reliable, cost effective alternative to PBX appliances which run on a proprietary OS making it difficult to manage and upgrade.

  • Available for as little as $200
  • No space requirements – ideal for small offices
  • Low power consumption – 60% less than desktop PCs
  • Minimal noise and heat production

How Can you Convert your MiniPC to a PBX Appliance?

The whole process is extremely fast and easy. Download the latest 3CX ISO, copy it to a USB stick and run the install – check out our step by step guide for details. Once finished, you will have a Linux PBX appliance running on a standard mainstream OS – Debian 9 – seamlessly managed by 3CX.

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