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Connecting SIP trunks to 3CX Phone System (SIP Trunking)

A SIP trunk is the modern day equivalent of a T1 trunk. Where in the past you would buy a T1 trunk from a Telco provider and connect it to your legacy PBX, today you can buy a SIP trunk from an ITSP (Internet Telephony Service Provider) and connect it to your VoIP/IP PBX. SIP trunks use the SIP standard.  The name ‘trunk’ comes from the telecom world and it means, more or less, a group of phone lines.

Advantages/Features of a SIP trunk:

  • Competes with and beats T1 trunking
  • “Event notification” – disaster recovery options
  • Add Bandwidth QoS and security provided via SAFW and or MPLS
  • On demand N-way conferencing
  • 411 Directory Assistance
  • Enhanced 911 services Access
  • Directory Listing
  • Local and Inbound Calling
  • Platform for personalized applications and rich media services

SIP Trunking and 3CX Phone System for Windows

SIP trunks are fully compatible with the SIP based 3CX Phone System for Windows. 3CX Phone System for Windows is a software based IP PBX that replaces an entire “traditional” PABX. The SIP trunk will replace the old style phone lines and provide you phone numbers (including DID numbers) and the ability to make outbound calls. SIP trunks can be used in conjunction with VoIP PSTN gateways for redundancy.

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