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3CX Soft-PBX for Windows – The Cost Effective Software-based Phone System!

A Soft-PBX (also known as an IP PBX) – is a software-based PBX solution that is much simpler and economical to deploy than a proprietary hardware PBX.

3CX Phone System is a Soft-PBX VoIP phone system that is based on the SIP standard and works with leading IP phones, VoIP gateways, VoIP providers and traditional PSTN telephone lines. For businesses, adopting 3CX Phone System can translate into considerable savings from the use of VoIP service providers, the ease of management of the system and the increase in mobility and productivity from staff.

Key Savings from using a Soft-PBX (3CX Phone System) VS a Traditional Proprietary PBX:

  • The cost of buying 3CX Soft-PBX software is considerably lower than the cost of the hardware required for a proprietary PBX.
  • No need to buy expansion modules when the business grows.
  • IT staff and/or external IT consultants need less time to manage the system using the web-based management console.
  • No need to buy a fax machine as 3CX Phone System works as a fax server.
  • Savings on long distance and inter-office phone calls from the use of VoIP service providers and 3CX bridges.
  • Standard SIP phones and softphones can be used with a Soft-PBX, eliminating the high cost of buying proprietary system telephones.
  • Employees can use their phone anywhere (even remotely), becoming more productive.
  • More efficient reception of calls using 3CX Phone System’s Auto Attendant feature.

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