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Zero Admin, Highly Secure and Easy to Use: 3CX V15.5

Upgrade your existing 3CX licence key to V15.5 today – FREE!

Upgrade for free to the latest version of 3CX. Just fill in the form and your perpetual licence key will be upgraded to a v15.5 annual key for free. There’s no catch; even if your maintenance has expired you still get the upgrade absolutely free. Here are some of the features you’re missing out on:

  • Run on-premise on Windows or Linux or in YOUR cloud

  • Integrated iOS & Android clients – old versions will no longer work

  • Zero admin and bulletproof security

  • A brand new web client with integrated web conferencing

  • Click to Call from any CRM

Note: Please ensure you enter your details correctly otherwise your licence key will not be eligible for upgrade.


Congratulations! You have successfully upgraded your old perpetual license key to a V15.5 annual one. You can now start reaping the benefits of the most easy-to-use and most secure PBX in the market.

You will receive an email shortly with your upgraded licence key information.

Feel free to contact customers@3cx.com for any further assistance or post any questions you may have on our forum.

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