Take Advantage of Unified Communications with 3CX MyPhone

3CX MyPhone makes it easy for users to take advantage of Unified Communications features such as conferencing, presence, drag and drop call transferring and instant messaging. While traditional hardware PBX’s do not always make such features easily accessible for the end user, 3CX MyPhone brings these and other rich features all together in one easy to use application.

3CX MyPhone is web-based and leverages Silverlight to provide a rich “desktop-like” user-friendly experience. Users can manage their extension easily from their netbook or desktop and avoid having to use a complicated phone interface. 3CX MyPhone works with softphones, IP phones and even iPhone and Android smartphones in order to offer flexibility – users can choose which device best suits them.

With 3CX MyPhone, you can:

  • See status/presence of other users
  • Launch calls from a web page, Microsoft Outlook or phonebook
  • Transfer calls to other users
  • Divert calls to voice mail
  • Monitor queue calls (if users have the right to)
  • See missed, inbound and outbound calls
  • Create and manage conference calls
  • Configure call forwarding options when away or out of the office

Take advantage of unified communications with 3CX MyPhone by downloading 3CX Phone System 11 here. Click here to read the 3CX MyPhone web-based manual and watch the Using 3CX MyPhone video here. A video overview of 3CX MyPhone can be watched here.