Redesign: Earn The Basic Certification With Our Free Training Course

3cx intermediate
Welcome to the Basic 3CX Online Video Training Course crafted for both partners and end-users.

The course consists of a series of video tutorials and documentation which will take you through the basic concepts of getting 3CX up and running as well as basic troubleshooting techniques and will ultimately prepare you for the next stage; the 3CX Intermediate Certification.


1: Install 3CX

1.0 Prerequisites
1.1 Network topologies
1.2 PBX Versions
1.3 SSL Cert & Public IP Addresses
1.4 Web Server Ports
1.5 First Time Setup: Web Assistant

2: Installing the Client

2.0 What’s the 3CX Client
2.1 Operating Systems & Mobile Platforms
2.2 Provisioning
2.3 Mobility Usage
2.4 Push Functionality

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3: Configuring a Desktop Telephone

3.0 Supported Devices
3.1 PnP Provisioning
3.2 Provisioning Options
3.3 Device Firmware
3.4 3CX Web Client Remote Control (uaCSTA)

4: Configure the Firewall

4.0 Setup the Firewall
4.1 NAT & Port Preservation
4.3 Setup for Provider, SBC, Bridges
4.4 Setup Remote IP (STUN)
4.5 Validation

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5: Add SIP Trunks/ VoIP Providers

5.0 Implement PSTN Connectivity
5.1 Configure Inbound Rules DIDs
5.2 Configure Inbound Rules
5.3 Configure Outbound Rules Caller ID
5.4 Common Setup Errors

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Taking the 3CX Basic Certification Test

Partners: Once you feel ready to take the 3CX Basic Certification Test, login to your Partner Portal account to take the test.

End-users: If you are an end-user and wish to boost your knowledge and usage of 3CX you can register to take the 3CX Certification test.

Passing Grade and Re-sits

You must achieve a score of at least 25 out 30 to pass.If you do not pass do not worry, you can still re-sit the test in 31 days. Please send an e-mail to if you would like to retake the test.

Moving on to the Next Level

After passing the rest you can move on to the 3CX Intermediate Certification.If you are an existing 3CX Partner and have already used your seats available on the Partner Portal, you could certify additional staff here.

Preparing for the Test

In order to prepare for the 3CX Basic Certification we recommend that you first read the following documentation, watch the related video tutorials and test run a 3CX installation before attempting to get certified: