Factory Reset your Yealink DECT W52P for 3CX v15
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How to factory reset a Yealink W52P

How to factory reset a Yealink W52P / W56P


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How to factory reset a Yealink W52P / W56P

Resetting Yealink Base Station

Covered Models

Reset to Factory defaults

Resetting snom Handsets

Covered Models

Step 1: Deregister the handset

Step 2: Reset settings

Applicable to Yealink W52P/H, W56P/H

Follow the steps below to factory reset your Yealink W52P/H, W56P/H device in order to bring back the factory default settings. This must be done before provisioning your Yealink W52P/H, W56P/H in case the device has residual settings of a previous configuration.

Reset Yealink Base Station to Factory Defaults: W52P, W56P

  1. Turn off the device.
  2. Hold down the “Connect” button located on the base of the device.

  1. Power on the device while keeping the “Connect” button pressed.
  2. Wait until all the 3 LED lights are statically ON.

  1. After restart, your Base Station will be successfully reset.

Reset Yealink Handset to Factory Defaults: W52H, W56H

Step 1: Deregister the handset

  1. Press the “OK” key.
  2. Navigate to “Settings”“Registration”“De-reg. Handset” Enter PIN “0000” to confirm your deregistration
  3. After specifying your handset, press “Select” → When message “De-register” will appear press “Yes” in order to delete registration from DECT station

Step 2: Reset settings

  1. Press the “OK” key

  2. Then navigate “Settings”“System Settings”“Handset Rest”“OK” when message “Reset handset to default” appear press enter and enter PIN 0000 then press “Yes” to confirm

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