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Configuring Polycom KIRK Wireless Server 300 with 3CX Phone System

Important Note: Polycom KIRK Wireless Server 300 is not recommended for use with 3CX Phone System 12 – See the list of recommended IP Phones and Gateways here.

This guide has been tested with the following Firmware PCS06A. Please note that different firmware revisions may have different web interface formats and functionality.

Step 1: Ensure that you have created the extension that you wish to use with the phone in 3CX Phone System first. Take note of the Extension Number, the Authentication ID, and the Authentication password that you have entered for this extension.

Step 2: Connect the Polycom KIRK Wireless Server 300 to the network using PoE. This will boot up, and providing you have DHCP installed on your network, will obtain an IP address. Now you can access the phone’s web configuration page by going to http://x.x.x.x where x.x.x.x is the IP address of the phone from step 2. The factory default username and password for accessing web configuration on KWS300 is “admin” and “kws300”.

Step 3: General Configuration settings

This image shows you the web GUI of a Polycom KIRK Wireless Server 300

In the “Configuration/General” Section under “General Configuration”, define IP, DNS and NTP settings for the KWS300.

Step 4: Wireless Server Configuration

This image shows you the Wireless Server Configuration screen of the Polycom KIRK Wireless Server 300

In the “Configuration/General” Section under “Wireless Server”, configure the KWS300 to allow subscriptions. Handsets will not subscribe to the KIRK if this option is not enabled.Check the option “AutoCreate Users”. If enabled, unknown users will be automatically added to the system.
Enter a System Access Code. This is a system wide DECT access code required to subscribe handsets. In this example the Access Code is 456. You will be prompted for this code after powering up each handset.

Step 5: Sip Configuration

This is an image of the SIP Configuration screen within the Polycom KIRK Wireless Server 300

Click on Configuration / SIP and configure SIP settings which include type of transport, default domain, registration interval, Proxy addresses, DTMF signaling, message waiting indicator options and media settings. Also check “Play on-hold tone” to enable playing of music on hold during Hold/Resume and transfer operations.

Note: Multiple proxies can be configured – Priority for usage between one proxy registration and the other can be controlled by modifying the weight and the priority of each URI.

Step 6: Click on Users to configure User configuration in the KIRK wireless server. You can configure users in 2 ways – either manually or with the option AutoCreate Users. This example will describe the Autocreate users method.

a) Power on a handset. For this example, the handset used is a POLYCOM KIRK 5020. Click on menu, Settings, Advanced, Login, and press the Create Login softkey. The handset will start searching for DECT connections.

b) A number will be displayed on the handset display. Select this number and press ok.
Enter the Access Code (in this 456) and press OK.

c) Go to the User List section in the KIRK server web console and you will notice that a new user is created. At this point the user is subscribed to the KIRK but unknown / unregistered to 3CX.

This is an image of the User List within the Polycom KIRK Wireless Server 300

Click this user account and a USER screen will be displayed.

This is an image of the User Account details within a Polycom KIRK Wireless Server 300

d) Enter the following information as depicted in the above screenshot

  • In the SIP section, enter 125 as the Username/Extension field
  • Enter the Domain or IP address of the 3CX Phone System Server Example:
  • Configure a display name for this handset Example: Fred House
  • Enter Authentication user and Authentication password details in the respective fields.
    These must match the credentials entered in the 3CX Phone System Management console when extension 125 was created.
  • Uncheck the checkbox “Disabled” to enable this handset.
  • Press on the Save button and you will notice that the updated User List contains a new entry for Extension 125 with the display name of Fred House.

This images shows you the User List within a Polycom KIRK Wireless Server 300

This screenshot shows that the handset is subscribed to the KIRK server and also registered to the 3CX Phone System server.

Congratulations – You have successfully configured the KIRK Wireless Server 300 together with Polycom Handsets to work with the 3CX Phone System.

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