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Registering a Handset to a Gigaset N510 Base Station


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Registering a Handset to a Gigaset N510 Base Station


Registering handsets to N510 Base


In this guide we show you how to register a SL750H Pro, S650H Pro, R630H Pro, SL610H Pro, S510H Pro to a Gigaset N510 base station. Make sure that you have first provisioned your your Gigaset N510 DECT to 3CX PBX.

Registering handsets to N510 Base

  1. Press and hold (about 3 seconds) Blue button to set your base into registration mode until it will start flash. Register your handset, within 60 seconds of pressing Blue button.

Note: Handsets will be mapped in order of their registration to the extensions provisioned on the base station. Handset 1 to extension 1 and so on...        

  1. On the handset →  Menu →  SettingsRegistration →  OK

  1. Once the correct Base is found enter the “PIN” 0000 to pair the devices.
  2. When successful paired, the surname and extension number will be shown in the display of the handset.

Repeat the described steps for all Handsets you wish to register to the base station.

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