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Configuration of 3CXPhone for iPhone for 3CX Phone SystemYour Content Goes Here

Important: The following configuration steps were made for Version 1.1.5. Please note that other versions may have a different user interface and different functionality. The following configuration steps apply to a first install of 3CXPhone for iPhone (rather than a re-install).

Installation of 3CXPhone for iPhone

  1. Start up the App Store.
  2. Search for “3CX” and choose 3CXPhone for iPhone.
    Download and install 3CXPhone for iPhone on your iPhone.

Provisioning your 3CXPhone for iPhone Client

After installation of 3CXPhone for iPhone, you will now find a new icon on your home screen with the name “3CXPhone”.

  1. Start the 3CXPhone for iPhone.
  2. At the first start, 3CXPhone for iPhone will ask if you would like to proceed with a manual configuration or if you would like to use provisioning. If you use 3CX Phone System Version 10 or higher, please use the ‘automatic provision’ option.(Note: You have to be connected via WiFi in the same network as that of 3CX Phone System, as external provisioning is not possible).
  3. After selecting “Auto Provision” the client will send a broadcast through the network. You need to wait for the 3CX Administrator to approve this request. Contact your administrator.
  4. In the meantime the 3CX Administrator will see this provisioning request in the 3CX Management Console , in the Phones Page.
  5. The administrator will right click on the above entry and create or assign an extension to this iPhone .
  6. 3CX Phone System will send the configuration directly to the phone. If the iPhone user has a deskphone, it’s configuration will not be affected.
  7. 3CXPhone for iPhone should receive this configuration, register to 3CX Phone System and be ready for use.

Further information on 3CXPhone for iPhone can be found here:

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