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3CX Web Reports for 3CX Phone System 11

The 3CX Web Reports module is a web application that allows telephony managers to generate reports and analyze their staff’s performance using data from 3CX Phone System 12.  For info on using 3CX Web Reports for 3CX Phone System 12  please follow this link: https://www.3cx.com/support/3cx-web-reports/

Accessing and Logging in to 3CX Web Reports

To access 3CX Web Reports, open a browser and type the following url: http://[PBX IP]:5000/Reports. 3CX Web Reports by default allows only the 3CX Administrator to log in. Other users can be allowed access to the web reports.  From the 3CX Management console, > Extensions > Edit the extension you would like to allow access to the 3CX Web Reports > click on the Other Tab and in the extension capabilities options enable the checkbox “Allow 3CX Reports Access”.  At this point this extension will be able to login to 3CX Web Reports using the extension number and voicemail pin number.

There are over 25 different reports that can be generated in the 3CX Web Reporter. These reports are categorized in 4 sections:

  1. Call Statistics Report – Basic reports showing Call Logs, Extension and Ring Group Statistics.
  2. Advanced Call Reports – Advanced reports that allow you to filter calls from specific extension groups and type of calls (International, national, local or mobile calls).
  3. Basic Queue Statistics Report – Basic queue reports that show basic statistics and abandoned queue calls. These are enabled in licensed versions of 3CX Phone System.
  4. Call Center Statistics Reports – 20 reports dedicated to Queue functionality targeted at call centers. These reports are available in 3CX Call Center Module licenses.

All reports that are generated can be saved and downloaded in the most popular file formats: PDF, EXCEL, WORD, CSV and others.

Call Statistics Report

The Call Statistics Reports allow you to create basic reports showing data for your Calls, Extensions and Ring Groups.

Call Logs

This report shows a general view of all the calls that have been made through 3CX Phone System. You can filter this report for source and destination number and type of calls and for the period required, in order to show only the data you need. You can also use this report to find all outbound calls that have a specific billing code. Fill in the billing code in the Match Billing Code filter field in the Destination section before generating the report.

This report is available in the FREE edition.

Extension Statistics

Extension Statistics in 3CX Web Reports

This is a detailed report showing the number of calls for every extension from your system. The report shows the answered and unanswered calls split by Inbound/Outbound and Answered/Unanswered, showing also the total amount of talk time for each extension. This report can be filtered by date and time period, extension range, type of calls and destination, in order to narrow your results.

This report is available in the FREE edition.

Ring Group Statistics

Ring Group Statistics in 3CX Web Reports

This report shows the total number of calls received by each ring group and how many of these have been answered.

Advanced Call Reports

The Advanced Call Reports provide call costing per extension group and per call type.

For these reports to work correctly, you will need to configure parameters for each type of call (International, National, Local, Mobile). This can be done by clicking on the Settings node within the 3CX Web Reports management console and clicking on Call Types.

Advanced Call Reports in 3CX Web Reports

In the above image we can see the following example:

Local numbers start with prefixes 22, 23, and 24 and are 7 digits long. National numbers start with 01 to 09 and are 9 digits long. Mobile numbers are those that start with 99 and 97 with 8 digits in length whilst International numbers start with 00 and are between 10 and 13 digits long. This information should be configured depending on the number format in your locality.

You can also configure the Call Billing information from the 3CX Management Console > View > Billing Information. Note that Call Billing needs to be configured prior to the call being made.  You will need to enter the cost for each country, for national calls and for mobile calls. The default billing rate is 1.0 (meaning 1.00 currency unit per minute) for all countries. You can also add new entries from the end of the list.

Call Costs by Extension Group and Type

This report can be filtered by Extension Group and by type of calls.

Call Costs by Extension Group in 3CX Web ReportsAdvanced Call Reports

This report can help you to see and control your cost of calls for each group of extensions defined in 3CX Phone System. You will have a detailed view of each call made by a specific group and its cost.

Outbound Calls by Type

Offers reports of outbound calls by type: local, national, mobile or international. You can also filter by all users or by a specific user.

Basic Queue Statistics

This is a set of 3 reports that give a basic overview of queue calls in the system.

Queue Statistics

Queue Statistics in 3CX Web Reports

Displays statistics on the number of calls received and shows how many of these have been answered or abandoned, and the average wait time for answered and abandoned calls for each queue.

Abandoned Calls

Abandoned Calls in 3CX Web Reports
Offers a detailed view of all abandoned calls for all queues in the system together with Call Time, Caller ID information and waiting time for each call. The report can be filtered to show abandoned calls for one queue and for a specific time period.

Agent Overview

Agent Overview in 3CX Web Reports
This report provides total calls handled by an agent on each queue that the agent is a member of.

Call Center Statistics Reports

The Call Center Statistics Reports are available only with the 3CX Call Center Edition and offer an in-depth analysis the Queues, Call Distribution, Agent and Team Statistics, Abandoned Calls, SLA Statistics and Breaches, Callback Statistics and more. These reports will provide you all the information you need to run and manage your call center.

Detailed Queue Statistics

Detailed Queue Statistics in 3CX Web Reports

The Detailed Queue Statistics report provides a very good overview of the calls received in each queue, and how many of these have been answered or abandoned.In addition, it provides information on the total ring time, total talk time and the number of successful callbacks for each queue.

Note: From a queue perspective, an abandoned call is a call that was not answered by an agent. So if a call was not answered and went to a digital receptionist, or a voicemail of a particular extension, that call is considered as an abandoned queue call.

Call Distribution of Answered Calls

Call Distribution of Answered Calls in 3CX Web Reports

This bar chart report can help you easily identify the busiest periods for your call center. The report can be shown on hourly, daily or monthly periods and can be filtered by a specific queue.

Call Distribution of Unanswered Calls

Call Distribution of Unanswered Calls in 3CX Web Reports

This report can also be an indicator of the busiest periods of your call center by showing the periods your call center was not able to handle calls. This report will only show abandoned calls for chosen time interval.

Call Distribution of Answered and Unanswered Calls

Call Distribution Answered and Unanswered Calls in 3CX Web Reports
This graphical report integrates the data from the previous 2 reports and shows the total received calls next to the total abandoned calls. This report can also be displayed in hourly, daily or monthly time periods.

Team Statistics

Team Statistics in 3CX Web Reports

These reports show statistics on the data for a queue or for all queues as a team. The reports shows how many team members the queue has, and how many calls have been handled by each team, giving an indication of the performance of the team.

Abandoned Calls

Abandoned Calls in 3CX Web Reports

From this report you can clearly see the weak points of your queues by finding the number of abandoned calls for a time period and also the percentage of abandoned calls calculated from the total number of received calls for a queue.

Abandoned Queue Calls

Abandoned Call Queues in 3CX Web Reports
This report shows you the details of each abandoned call such as call time, caller ID and waiting time. You can use this report to trace a specific abandoned call in order to see its call time and how many seconds it spent waiting in the queue until the call was abandoned.

Answered Calls by Waiting Time

Answered Calls by Waiting Time in 3CX Web Reports
This report shows the number of calls that have been answered after being in the queue longer than a predefined period of time. This is useful when you want to find out how many calls waited for a long period of time to be serviced. This report can help you set better service level agreements and identify possible improvements in your call center.

SLA Statistics

SLA Statistics in 3CX Web Reports
In the SLA Statistics report you can find the number of calls that have breached the configured SLA time per queue.

SLA Breaches

SLA Breaches Report in 3CX Web Reports
This report shows all the calls that breached the configured SLA.

Callback Statistics and Failed Callbacks

Callback Statistics in 3CX Web ReportsIf you have enabled Callback on your Queues, you can use these reports tot check how often a callback was requested for each queue and how much of these callbacks have failed. The Failed Callback reports also show the callback number left by the customer, allow you to verify the number call the customer if needed.

Agent Statistics

Agent Statistics in 3CX Web Reports

This report shows in-depth statistical data for the agents servicing the queues. This report is useful to assess and compare the performance of the agents.

Important: Unanswered calls in this report means unanswered attempts. For example. if a caller calls the queue and the agent’s phone is polled 3 times before answering the call, then this agent will have 3 unanswered calls (even though this was for the same call). This happens when the agents take a long time to answer the call. Note that this is different than Abandoned calls as shown in the other reports which would indicate that the customer hung up the phone before getting to an agent.

Agent Statistics and Detailed Queue Statistics or Team Statistics should never be compared because they show data from a different perspective.


Settings node contains general settings for the 3CX Web Reports.

Custom Settings

Custom Settings in 3CX Web ReportsCustom settings section allows you to show page numbers and customize the report footer and the logo used in the reports.


Maintenance in 3CX Web Reports

The Maintenance menu allows you to delete a range of call logs or all call logs from the database.

WARNING: Clearing call logs from Maintenance menu erases all records from the database. You would not be able to generate reports for the time period once the call logs has been removed from the database.

Over time, the report data stored in the database will increase, affecting the performance of the reports which will start taking longer to generate. It is strongly recommended that reports from previous years are exported to Excel or PDF, for example, and saved as per the company’s policies. You can then proceed with removing older reporting data from the database.

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