Configuration guide for 3CX and Fanvil i20 and i21/i21T SIP Doorphones
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Configuring Fanvil i20 and i21/i21T SIP Doorphones

Configuring Fanvil i20 and i21/i21T SIP Doorphones

The first step to configuring Fanvil i20 and i21/i21T devices is to access your DHCP server and create a reservation for the Fanvil Doorphone. You need to do this reservation using the MAC address of the device.

If you don’t want to make reservation you can connect run the “iDoor Phone Network Scanner” Utility to scan your network and find your Fanvil Doorphone device.

Before starting the Fanvil Doorphone provisioning steps, please ensure that your device is running with a supported version of 3CX Phone System. 3CX supported firmware versions for Fanvil Doorphones and “iDoor Phone Network Scanner” can be downloaded from here.

To update the firmware of Fanvil Doorphones please do the following steps:

  1. Unzip downloaded firmware folder and save it on your PC;
  2. Login to the Fanvil Doorphone device and go to the Maintenance->Update page;

  1. Press “Browse”, find the appropriate firmware file from the downloaded firmwares folder and press the Update button.

After the Fanvil Doorphone is rebooted you will have a supported firmware version running.

Provisioning Your Fanvil Doorphone

  1. Log in to the 3CX Phone System Management console and go to the Phones page.


  1. Find the PnP request of the Fanvil Doorphone device and Assign it to the existing extension (you can also add a new extension and assign it).

  1. All needed values will be automatically selected. Just press Apply/OK and provisioning URL will be sent to your Fanvil Doorphone device.

After your Fanvil Doorphone reboots you will have a provisioned, registered and ready to use device.

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