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Configuring Hot Keys & BLFs in 3CX App for Windows

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Configuring Hot Keys & BLFs in 3CX App for Windows

Managing Hot Keys

BLF (Busy Lamp Field) Panel

Configuring the BLF panel

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Managing Hot Keys

With the “Hot Keys” feature you can manage calls using your keyboard. For example, you can answer an incoming call just by pressing the Shift + A combination on your keyboard, without opening the app. To enable Hot Keys:

Hot Keys options menu in 3CX Windows Client.

  1. Click the Gears icon to access Settings” and click on Hot Keys.
  2. The Hot Keys functionality is not enabled by default. Click on the Hot Key you want to enable and check “Enable keyboard shortcut”.
  3. Selecting the key combination for your Hot Key, you can combine Ctrl, Alt and Shift keys with letters and numbers. Note: Letters, numbers and special function keys (insert, delete, page up, page down, etc) have to be combined with Ctrl, Alt and Shift keys to be assigned to a Hot Key. Function keys F1 - F12 keys do not have this limitation.

Important: Do not use key combinations for Hot Keys that are already used by the Windows OS, as you will not be able to use them both at the same time.

For example, to make a call using the “Copy number from clipboard” Hot Key assigned to the F11 key combination:

  1. Open a web page, text document or any file and highlight a number that you want to dial.
  2. Press F11 and the number is copied automatically on your app’s dial-pad screen.
  3. Click the Call button to dial the number.

BLF (Busy Lamp Field) Panel

BLF Panel in 3CX Windows Client. 

The 3CX App for Windows also includes an integrated BLF panel. It works just like the BLF panel on your IP Phone where a small light indicates whether an extension is available or busy. To enable the BLF panel, click the “Quick Menu” on the top right of the app and select “Show BLF side panel”.

You can initiate a call just by clicking the BLF icon for your desired contact. Transferring calls from the BLF panel is as easy as making calls. You can transfer a call before or after you have answered, by clicking the BLF icon for the desired contact.

Note: With the BLF panel you can only make blind transfers.

Configuring the BLF panel

You can configure the BLF panel through the 3CX App for Windows or your administrator can configure it for you through the 3CX Management Console. Match a BLF button with an extension to show the status of that extension. While the number of available BLF buttons varies per phone, the 3CX app has no such limit and you can have up to 36 BLF indicators per page.

You can also link BLF buttons to a shared parking place or a speed dial. This allows users to easily park or unpark calls by pressing the assigned BLF button. The following options are available for BLFs:

  • BLF - shows the presence of another extension.
  • Speed Dial - link to a contact for easy calling.
  • Custom Speed Dial - assign to a custom phone number.
  • Shared parking - link to a shared call parking number.
  • Agent Login / Logout - assign to alternate between Login/Logout for queues.
  • Change status - link to change to selected status.

The BLF Settings options menu in 3CX Windows Client

You can configure the BLF panel with these steps:

  1. Right-click on the BLF button to edit and then select “Configure.”
  2. In the “BLF Settings” window select the type of BLF.
  3. Select the extension or number to associate with the BLF.

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