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Scheduling an audio or video conference

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Scheduling an audio or video conference


Scheduling a conference

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With the 3CX client you can easily schedule audio and conference calls, web meetings or webinars. 3CX’s integrated video conferencing uses WebRTC technology, so your participants don’t have to download and install any additional software or plugins. 


Scheduling a conference

  1. Click on the “Schedule Conference” option.
  2. Select whether you wish to hold an audio or video conference.
  3. Select “Now” or “Schedule”. If scheduled, set the Date, Time and Duration of the meeting.
  4. Enter the Subject of the conference and add Notes if needed.
  5. If you selected an audio conference, check Enable announcements to hear an announcement whenever a participant enters the conference.
  6. If you selected a video conference, you can choose one of two conference profiles.The WebMeeting Profile and the Webinar (Classroom) Profile. You can adjust the default settings for each profile by clicking on the spanner.
  7. “Audio Conferences” and Web Meeting Profile” allow you to add participants from:
  • Your calendar. Choose between Google, Office 365, Outlook Online and iCal and then press “Create Meeting.” A new window will open with the conference already created in your calendar, you can add participants directly from there. In the Webinar Profile add participants by typing in the name or email in the web client or by Importing a .csv file.  
  • Directly from the 3CX (eMail). You can either search for a contact by typing the number or the name of the contact you want to add or by importing a .csv file.
  1. Click the “Create Meeting” button. All participants will be sent an email with the web meeting URL.

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