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beroNet PSTN Line selection

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Control from Extensions


Depending on the set outbound caller ID in the 3CX extension settings, the gateway will route calls over a specific ISDN line. This is useful in cases where one beronet gateway serves two companies over different public PSTN lines.


For this scenario we will assume that two ISDN lines are connected to one beroNet gateway which is connected via one SIP trunk to 3CX. The line numbers for each ISDN line are:

  • Company 1 - ISDN Line1: Number 22555XXX (xxx for DIDs)
  • Company 2 - ISDN Line2: Number 22666XXX (xxx for DIDs)


  1. Extending the default configuration of the setup, open the web interface of the beronet device and navigate to the “Dialplan”.

  1. Create a copy of the existing SIP-ISDN rule and modify the content as shown.

(i.e. When a call from 3CX arrives and the outbound caller id starts with 22555 force the call to the ISDN port 1)

  1. Repeat this step for the second company.

  1. The result will look like this.

Control from Extensions

In the 3CX Management Console open the “Extensions” node and define the “outbound caller ID”. This will define over which ISDN port the call will be sent to. Note that for 3CX this call flow is fully transparent.

(calls from this extension will be sent via ISDN port 1)

If an outbound caller ID is not matched with any of the two companies, the call will be routed to the group of ISDN ports created by the wizard initially. This can be useful for clip, no screening calls.

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