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 beroNet Firmware Update

This guide applies to v15 only.

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beroNet Firmware Update


Upgrade Firmware


The following document will outline how to upgrade the firmware of your beroNet PSTN gateway to the latest supported version.

Note: At the time of this document 3.0.19 was the current version. Firmware 16.X is not supported

Upgrade Firmware

  1. Log on to the beroFix Web interface (Default username and password: admin / admin)

  1. Click on  “Management +” >> “Firmware Update” and press “Reboot in Update-Mode”.

  1. Select the latest non BETA” firmware available and Download it.

  1. Click the Install button.

Important: If you are coming from firmware versions below 3.x it is recommended to follow the proceedure in this guide:

Free for up to 1 year! Select preferred deployment:


for Linux on a $200 appliance or as a VM

Get the ISO


for Windows as a VM

Download the setup file

On the cloud

In your Google, Amazon, Azure account

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