Asterisk on Windows? 3CX Phone System!

If you are looking for an IP PBX like Asterisk™ but don’t want to run Linux, then try out 3CX Phone System for Windows. It’s a SIP standard based IP PBX for Windows, easy to use and a Free edition is available! Why spend hours configuring Linux and Asterisk when you can install 3CX Phone System in under 10 minutes!

3CX Phone System is a software based PBX that will completely replace your traditional PBX / PABX. Use it with standard SIP hardware or software phones, and with SIP / VoIP Gateways. Compared to Asterisk, 3CX is also a lot easier to configure with VoIP Gateways.

3CX Phone System features include Voice mail, Auto attendant, Hunt Groups, Web based configuration and more.

View the product brochure or download the free edition today and break free from your proprietary PBX!

Note: Asterisk is a trademark of Digium Corporation