Looking for Asterisk on Windows?

If you are looking for Asterisk™ on Windows, then try out 3CX because unlike Asterisk, 3CX is an easy to use open standards IP PBX that can be deployed on both Windows and Linux. 3CX is flexible and accommodates Windows users by allowing them to deploy their IP PBX directly on a Windows server.

Deploying 3CX will give you a more efficient IP PBX than Asterisk as it is easier to deploy and manage and will provide you with a phone system like that of Asterisk but on Windows. What’s more, you can use 3CX with popular IP phones or softphones, and with hundreds of SIP Trunks.

So if you are looking for an IP PBX that would function like Asterisk on Windows why not try 3CX for yourself? Use the PBX Express Tool to deploy your Free licence in the Cloud in a matter of minutes!

  • No specialist asterisk/telecoms training needed.
  • Can be installed on both Windows and Linux.
  • Deploy anywhere: Cloud or On-Premise (Mini PC or Virtualized)
  • 100% Software based- easy deployment and management

View the product brochure or get your free licence today and break free from your proprietary PBX!

Note: Asterisk is a trademark of Digium Corporation