3CXPhone Preferences

Important Notice: This article is not currently maintained and is here for archival/informational purposes. This version of 3CXPhone is no longer supported.

You can customize 3CXPhone according to your personal preferences. To do this, click on the round button at the bottom of the phone. This will bring up the options screen

3CXPhone options

Now click on the preferences icon. The preferences dialog allows to configure the following options:


  • Select which sound device to use as Microphone, for playback and for ring tones.
  • Video – The Video section allows you to configure video source device and properties together with control options.
  • General network settings – Configure the ports used for SiP and RTP on the local computer where 3CXPhone is installed.
  • Tick the option “Automatically start 3CXPhone when Windows starts”, so that 3CXPhone will automatically run in the System Tray each time Windows starts.
  • You can have 3CXPhone automatically convert a + sign in a dialing string to 00.
  • You can also define the behaviour of the phone when a computer is locked, when the screensaver is started or how it should create a pop-up.
  • Set your preferred visual look for the phone.
  • Select your preferred interface language. By default the phone is set to English, however, you can click on ‘Download Others’ to see the latest list of available languages and download another language for 3CXPhone.

Adjusting Microphone level

The microphone audio level is set by the sound card driver in Windows. To adjust it:

  1. Go to Windows Control Panel and double click on ‘Sounds and Audio Devices’. In the Audio tab, click on the Volume button in the Sound Recording section, then use the sliders to adjust the microphone recording level.
  2. Alternatively, double click the speaker icon in the Windows taskbar. Go to Properties and from the Mixer device drop down menu select an Input device, click on OK to continue. Moving the sliders up or down will adjust the microphone recording level accordingly.

Using a Wireless Headset

3CXPhone supports the use of wireless headsets via the standard Microsoft sound drivers. This also ensures compatibility and does not require any special driver software to be installed from a specific headset manufacturer.

Advanced settings

If you need to configure advanced settings for your connection profile, click on the Advanced settings button. This dialog contains configuration options targeted at advanced users who are familiar with SIP and VoIP. You can leave this settings as default, unless your administrator or VoIP Provider suggests otherwise.

Advanced Settings