Using 3CXPhone for 3CX Phone System for iOS

We have recently released the Beta iPhone client 3CXPhone for 3CX Phone System, which has been designed specifically for use with 3CX Phone System 11 and up! This new iPhone client integrates seamlessly with 3CX Phone System and allows you to make and receive office calls on your iPhone from anywhere in the world using 3G and Wi-Fi. In this post, we will explain how to use 3CXPhone for 3CX Phone System on your iPhone.

Making Calls

Make a call

  1. To make a call, simply dial the number on the keypad. Click the green button with the handset to dial the number. The call button will turn red once the call is connected and in call menu buttons will appear.
  2. From here you have the option to transfer calls blind or attended, put the call on hold, put the audio on speaker, mute the call or open keypad in order to send DTMF to an IVR. Click on End button to hang up the call.

Answering Calls

Answer Call

  1. As soon as a call comes in, 3CXPhone for 3CX Phone System will start ringing, the application will come into focus (if it is hidden or in the background) and it will show the incoming call on the screen of the phone along with the other information that is available including Caller ID and Extension line.
  2.  To answer the call, click on the green Answer button.
  3.  To reject the call, click on the red Decline button.   The caller will be treated as if your phone was busy and the forwarding settings for ‘Call Busy’ will be triggered.
  4. You can also forward the call to your voice mail by pressing the Voice Mail button from the right side.

Hold or Resume a Call

Hold or resume call

Above: This current call is on hold

  1. To put a call on hold, simply press the Hold button whilst on a connected call.
  2. When the Hold button is pressed, you will see the status “On Hold” on the display.
  3. Click the Resume button to resume the call or you can make a transfer from this state.

Transferring Calls

In this section, we will explain how to make both attended and blind transfers.

Transfer call begin                                                Transfer call end

  1. While on a call, tap the transfer button and enter the number or the extension that you want to transfer the call to. The current call is placed automatically on hold waiting to be transferred.
  2. Click on the Transfer button (the green button) to finalize the transfer.
  3. You will notice that a call is initiated to this extension. When the extension (in this case 100) answers the call, the transfer will be completed and the call will be closed.
  4. If the transfer method you chose is Attended Transfer, you will have to wait until the 3rd party extension answers the call and then you have the possibility to actually transfer the call or you can cancel the transfer operation and return to your previous call.

Treansfer call hold

Notice that the initial call is placed On Hold on Line 1 and you are now talking on Line 2.

Mute, Put a Call on Speaker and Record a Call

You can switch from Earpiece to Speaker mode by clicking on Speaker button during a call and vice versa. You also have the option to mute and unmute a call by pressing the Microphone button on and off (on is blue, off is black background on the button).

mute speaker record

Recording a Call Using 3CXPhone for 3CX Phone System

The Record button gives you the possibility to start recording a conversation on the server at any time during the call. Press the button to start recording and press it again when you want recording to stop. Recorded files are saved on the 3CX Phone System Server, not on the phone.


If you press on the Conference button, you will receive a message saying that this feature is “Currently not available” and no action will be performed. The 3CX Development Team are currently working on the Conferencing feature and it will be implemented at a later stage.

Switching between In and Out of Office Mode

3CXPhone for 3CX Phone System will make sure that you are always connected to 3CX Phone System. This is done by automatic network sensing which will toggle between In and Out of office modes. However you can also toggle manually by clicking on the Home or Office buttons in the 3CXPhone for 3CX Phone System main dial screen.

iphone out of office

The Home icon represents Out of Office connectivity. In this mode 3CXPhone for 3CX Phone System will automatically use the external / Public network parameters to connect to your 3CX Phone System in the office. Stun and NAT functionality will be switched on automatically and if 3CX Tunnel is configured for your extension, it will be automatically switched on.

iphone in office

The Office building represents In Office connectivity. This is the connection method that will be used when you connected to your work LAN.