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Brainstorm and Increase Productivity with an Online Whiteboard

Take your brainstorming sessions to another level and store all of your own and your colleagues’ ideas on an online whiteboard. Mark up websites, graphics, and photos or browse the web with your colleagues with the online whiteboard feature of 3CX WebMeeting!

Boost Productivity with a Virtual Brainstorming Session

Easily map your ideas on an online whiteboard and start a conversation with your colleagues, wherever they are in the world. Brainstorm directly on your visual content, research web content as a team and keep a record of the decision making processes by recording your web conferencing sessions.

Manage your projects by discussing ideas and assigning tasks directly to your content. Easily involve your team members in a conversation and your workflow. Start a live presentation for all connected participants easily with 3CX WebMeeting and guide them through your online whiteboard. All your participants will see the same parts of the whiteboard as you do, making it the perfect supplement to your live audio and video conferences.

Share Your Documents and Files Easily

Bring your sales pitch to life by easily sharing the documents you work with such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF’s, Photoshop or images and screenshots with potential customers and colleagues wherever they are in the world. Enhance your shared files further by leveraging 3CX WebMeeting’s built-in collaboration tools like real-time annotation.

Save Big

3CX WebMeeting allows your business to carry out online meetings with all your customers wherever they are and still benefit from a productive, face-to-face discussion while saving precious time and travel expenses.

Key Features:

  • Easy to use online whiteboard solution
  • Shared interactive whiteboards
  • Screen sharing
  • Text chat individually or globally to all participants
  • Live video sessions
  • Share PowerPoint files and other documents
  • Crystal clear video and audio
  • Online Whiteboard recording and playback

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