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Who Supports WebRTC?

WebRTC is one the most disruptive and transformative additions to communications and web technologies. It is still a young technology but its potential is already apparent and cannot be ignored. The ability to use just your browser – a tool you use daily – to conduct full-fledged web conferencing, without the need for complicated multi-step procedures, or installations, is surely something to take notice of.

Browsers that support WebRTC

WebRTC is currently supported by Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera, in both their desktop and Android versions. Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Apple’s Safari have yet to add support for WebRTC.

At the moment, support for these browsers comes in the form of 3rd party plugins, which are not an ideal solution. The beauty of WebRTC is that when you are invited to a web meeting, no other action is needed other than clicking on a link that you’ve been provided. Installing yet another plugin might be “asking too much” for a lot of users. Microsoft and Apple cannot ignore the momentum that WebRTC is gaining. It will be interesting to see who the first adopter will be.

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